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IAS PT 2014 Test Series/Test Paper. Pdf. Download

We have arranged IAS 2014 PT Test question in pdf format. There were ample mail and call for the download format as it helps the candidate to practice according to their convenience. Questions are 
meticulously designed and are of high quality. Questions are prepared by experts and few IAS toppers of previous years under the guidance of Manoj K Jha. Following are the major areas of GS and CSAT covered.

• Human & Economic Geography
• Reading Comprehension + Decision making
• Socio Economic Development + Public Policy + Rights Issues + Welfare Schemes.
• General Mental Ability
• DI-DS + English Language Comprehension
• Environment, Resources, Biodiversity + Global Environment Governance and Resources and Recent Development
• Logical Reasoning + English Language Comprehension
• Current Affairs Current Affairs -II + India Year Book
• Reading Comprehension + Decision Making
• Recent Developments in the field of Sci. & Tech, Biotech and its application in various fields, Health and Diseases, Human biology & General Science
• Physical Geography + Indian Geography + Indian Ocean & Issue Related Recently
• Complete Test CSAT
• Indian Economy Basics+ Recent Developments + India in World Economy
• History+ Culture
• Indian Constitution + Governance + Contemporary Political Development

To download all paper in pdf format login at:


By S K Mishra, IAS,(retd)

Case Study : There are four round-about in a city which are very crowded, resulting into a traffic jam. The city has a business potential, besides residents desire that there should be some attempts to beautify these places as is done in many other cities of the country. You are municipal commissioner of the city and a delegation of eminent people have come to meet you with a request to do something for the purpose. You checked up with your finance and accounts department, which expressed its reluctance to part with resources.

(a) What are various options before you?
(b) Discuss the merits/demerits of each options and finally suggest best option which you would choose giving justifications.

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