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Make it Easy For Me To Read Your Google+ Posts And Comments

Please tell me:

Why are you here at Google+?

You may not like it but you are here to get attention. 

1| You want me to read your post.

2| You want me to read your comments.

If you wrote a post or a comment and you don't want attention why are you writing great stuff here at Google+?

I really, truly, want to read your posts or comments!

Make it easy for me.

Many Plussers have shared ideas but have a look at this post of mine. I am not suggesting it's only way. LOL

Every new idea is shared at a new line.

I like paragraphs but I prefer white space. 

Use a headline to interest me.

Use bold to make it clear what's important.

Share under your friends and try and make it easy for me to give you attention. LOL

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