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Ian Watkinson
I like problems, a world with no problems is a dull world.
I like problems, a world with no problems is a dull world.

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Anyone know why this doesn't work any more?

Remove Google+ circles from “All contacts” list

    Go to Contacts preview.
    On the left, click More.
    Click Settings.
    In the "Circles" section, uncheck the box.

Now when you go to, you shouldn’t see people from your Google+ circles in your "All contacts" list. To see their contact information, click Circles in the left-hand menu. 

There is no circles section under more?

Daughter managed to Break Google Calendar - Changed: Daily from 14:00 to 03:30 from Sun 6 Sep to Sun 6 Sep except Sun 6 Sep 14:00 London so I get an alert to say I need to go, except Calendar can't find it!

Still trying to work out how she did it!

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WhatsApp kept crashing on my phone, so I downloaded something called 'The Bugs Bunny' to sort it out.

It's a WhatsApp doc............

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This is just so wrong +M&S everyone knows it should be Dark chocolate!


Does anyone do, or know anyone that does Arduino?

Looking for some starter projects for half term and trying to work out which board/starter kit to get, same for Raspberry pi (2?)


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Oh +Ordnance Survey  how can you get it so wrong? Silverlight, really? Why it's dead technology. ( But why pick it in the first place, why not HTML5? Plus it was never available on Linux, Chromebooks and a whole heap of other platforms.

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