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Awesome unboxing and a quick review for #DarkrockVentures!
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I always said the Dreamcast was just ahead of its time.
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Fire of Eidolon is available NOW on Kickstarter!
Please check it out:

This is a video explaining how to play, using our virtual setup in TableTop Simulator.

Fire of Eidolon
Board game, Ages 14+, 1-6 Players, 30-40 Minutes
Co-Operative Dungeon Crawler in a 16-Bit RPG videogame style/theme
Designed by Michael Lipton
Developed by Ian Stedman
Published by Magic Meeple Games
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Ian Stedman (Magic Meeple Games). The live video broadcast will begin soon.
HOW TO PLAY: Fire of Eidolon by Magic Meeple Games
Fri, July 15, 2016, 4:31 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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You need to make a Magic Meeple Games Community. With such a HUGE game as this people on G+ will want somewhere to discuss it and your other game!

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A strangely poignant message for participants of the upcoming election, brought to you by a random arcade token I found in a drawer
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Our first post-conclusion #DarkrockVentures update is live! Lots of thank-yous and something about a 14x14 board. :)
Magic Meeple Games is raising funds for Darkrock Ventures - Asteroid Mining in Deep Space Board Game on Kickstarter! A lightweight worker-placement Boardgame for 1-5 Players in 30-45 minutes! Assemble a crew & mine metal-rich asteroids in deep space!!
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6 Hours to go! New update with new stretch goal and the link to the Live Finale Party tonight! #DarkrockVentures
Magic Meeple Games is raising funds for Darkrock Ventures - Asteroid Mining in Deep Space Board Game on Kickstarter! A lightweight worker-placement Boardgame for 1-5 Players in 30-45 minutes! Assemble a crew & mine metal-rich asteroids in deep space!!
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Check out our Kickstarter Video for Fire of Eidolon, designed by Michael Lipton
(Video made by Chris Rowlands)
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nice vid! when I was producing my videos I needed backers but no one seems to be interested then I found this tutorial and it showed me all the people that could be and end up as my backers
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‪#‎FireOfEidolon‬ by Michael Lipton and Magic Meeple Games will launch on Kickstarter on July 14, 2016!

That date might sound familiar to some of you, and yes, it is exactly one year since we started our KickStarter for Darkrock Ventures which will begin shipping on June 10. We wanted to wait until the games were closer to their final destination but we can't wait any longer! We're very excited to be getting another project in the wild and we hope you'll all stick with us through this journey too!

Please mark your calendars and spread the news!
Thank you everyone for all your support!
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+Michael Coe This is relevant to our interests :)
The Legend Of Zelda: Oni Link Begins
100% Walkthrough #15/30
Zelda Temple (8th Dungeon)
In this vdeo we make our way to and complete the 8th dungeon, the Zelda Temple is a Castle which appears to have been built by the Hyrule's Royal Family which is very mysterious as it is located in the dimension of Termina and not Hyrule, the dungeon is connected to Ganon and Zelda, we will complete it fully in this video but we will not find out it origins or purpose until later in the game, there is a lot we are not being told however we will have some answers by the end of this video, some answers, but not all. On the way to the dungeon we meet a Great Fairy in the Forbidden Forrest, she doubles our Magic Metre, we find a Piece Of Heart in the Witch's Swamp and another Piece Of Heart in the West Field. The dungeon itself is challenging, it can be very frustrating at times, you will need to use everything you learned up to this point to conquer the Zelda Temple. Like every other dungeons there is a Map, a Compass and a Boss Key, as usual there is also Treasure to be found however this time it is much harder to find, the treasure is the Blue Mail, a very helpful piece of equipment that doubles Link's defence, after you defeat the boss you can bomb a wall in the final room of the dungeon, inside is the Blue Mail, the wall dosent stand out and you would not know that you can bomb it unless you look at your map, but you probably wouldnt be checking a map right after completing a dungeon. There are a total of six Small Keys and five Unlock Buttons hidden throughout, even though they can be difficult to find, I reallly enoyed looking for them, I have very high praise for how this dungeon was designed, the Unlock Buttons and Small Keys are integrated brilliantly with the overall design of the dungeon. Other trials include four Spike Roller Rooms, three Fragile Walls which do not look like they can be broken, you will also have to light torchs and push blocks, there are invisible paths in the basements, you just have to attempt to walk across a bottomless pit and hope you dont fall. Including the basement the Zelda Temple has three floors, for most of this dungeon you have to climb to the 2nd Floor and find a room that has most its floor missing, you you need to fall through the floor in several correct locations, by doing this you might find a Small Keys or stairs which leads to an unexplored area of the basement. The Boss of the dungeon is a lone Armos Kinght, he is dissapointingly easy to defeat with of without the help of Oni-Link, the dungeon is difficult so I guess I shouldnt complain about the boss being easy, every weapons works well on him but I prefar to use the Hammer, after you defeat him you are rewarded with another full Heart Container, in the final room of the dungeon just beyond the boss room we find the final Holy Grail, collecting the five Holy Grails was supposed to cure Link of the Oni-Link curse, however things didnt quite go according to plan, our true enemy is revealed and the game is far from over !
Gameplay Timeline
00:12 - Lanayru Lake
00:56 - Forbidden River
01:00 - Great Fairy Of Termina
01:05 - Double Magic Meter Upgrade
01:23 - Rauru City
01:34 - Witch's Swamp
01:35 - Piece Of Heart #10
01:43 - West Lake
01:44 - Piece Of Heart #1
02:02 - West Field
02:46 - Forgotten River
02:55 - West River
03:01 - Zelda Temple
03:05 - 8th Dungeon
03:30 - Stairs (Basement)
03:40 - Unlock Button #1
03:46 - Spike Roller Room #1
04:00 - Invisible Path #1
04:06 - Small Key #1
04:10 - Unlock Button #2
04:13 - Stairs (1st Floor)
04:27 - Small Key #2
04:46 - Map
04:57 - Stairs (2nd Floor)
05:00 - Spike Roller Room #2
05:11 - Unlock Button #3
05:23 - Stairs (1st Floor)
05:40 - Stairs (2nd Floor)
05:54 - Torch Room
06:28 - Fragile Wall #1
06:38 - Small Key #3
06:48 - Fall #1 (1st Floor)
06:56 - Small Key #4
07:03 - Stairs (Basement)
07:38 - Unlock Button #4
08:06 - Stairs (1st Floor)
08:19 - Stairs (2nd Floor)
08:35 - Fall #2 (1st Floor)
08:42 - Stairs (Basement)
08:55 - Invisible Path #2
09:21 - Small Key #5
09:59 - Stairs (1st Floor)
10:12 - Stairs (2nd Floor)
10:48 - Compass
10-52 - Fall #3 (1st Floor)
10:59 - Small Key #6
11:21 - Stairs (2nd Floor)
11:58 - Unlock Button #5
12:07 - Fragile Wall #2
12:29 - Stairs (1st Floor)
12:38 - Spike Roller Room #3
12:43 - Stairs (Basement)
12:47 - Spike Roller Room #4
12:57 - Stairs (1st Floor)
13:02 - Spike Roller Room #3
13:05 - Stairs (2nd Floor)
13:10 - Boss Key
13:39 - Boss: Parallel Armos Knight
13:47 - 8th Heart Container
13:47 - Fragile Wall #3
14:06 - Treasure: Blue Mail
14:19 - Holy Grail 5/5
14:23 - Oni-Link Begins !
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ah nice :) glad you like it :)
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New update posted and more stretch goals broken! We are 9 more page likes away from another +1 card achievement, and we unveiled our goal for Spot UV coating on specific parts of the board (it's going to look AMAZING.)

Can we hit 200% funding today? I think we can!
Magic Meeple Games is raising funds for Darkrock Ventures - Asteroid Mining in Deep Space Board Game on Kickstarter! A lightweight worker-placement Boardgame for 2-5 Players in 30-45 minutes! Assemble a crew & mine metal-rich asteroids in deep space!!
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This hotel clearly used to be studio apartments, and that is kind of a good thing. Very nice rooms with fridge w. Icemaker, oven/range, microwave, dishwasher. The nightly rates are kind of high, hopefully their extended stay rates are better
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Had to pick up a friend here. Staff was very rude to him, I was told. Place seemed to be in a very bad part of town as well.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
This is my go-to store in the valley for Magic the Gathering
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Very clean facility and friendly staff. We come here annually for Phoenix Comicon and the Hyatt is always a pleasure to visit.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
8 reviews
Very extensive selection of tobacco, pipeware, and vaping supplies.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Very loud, but the food is good!
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
There is no building even here. Why is this listed in Google maps at all?
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago