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Turns videos into animated gifs looks really dodge with some vids :-)
I don't know how but my Nexus just made this for me and its awesome!
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Team Badger @ Oktoberfest 2013 - Ian's first lap.

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So a ferret found us yesterday, he bit me and kara, quite hard! And looks like we've found his owners (fingers crossed). If its true the little maniac had a fair old adventure unfortunately google doesn't offer ferret directions (yet) #ferret  
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proud of my massive MOOBS!!!! xxx

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#freebanking I've been saying this for years, if we all payed a small amount for banking each month, they wouldn't need to gamble (all our money) to turn a profit.

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Got a tree full of bees :)

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So I'm working on a much bigger piece summarised below, if this connects with anyone let me know. Thanks

Making a spectacle of yourself #projectglass

So I think very soon I’m going to be suffering from Matogyaliaphobia (a fear of eyeglasses), I say this because, although I think R&D projects like project glass are awesome; I worry about how the technology will end up being used. I can just imagine it now, celebrities streaming their whole lives and socialites giving us an all access tour of how the other half live. It’s as if big brother is about to assimilate the entire world.

Recently I watched a brilliant channel 4 series called “Black Mirror” #blackmirror and it reminded me of one particular episode called, “The Entire History of You”. If you live in the UK you can still watch it on 4od (post written may 2012). The premise of this episode was that nearly everyone was fitted with a chip that allowed them to recall anything they had experienced in their lifetime. Now I wouldn’t be mad in thinking we’re not too far off this with a future Google Drive #googledrive + Project Glass. I could walk around filming everything on my phone at the moment, but I’m pretty sure I’d have no battery after 1hr (this thought is also based on some amazing battery development happening during this decade). I think the episode I watched might have predisposed me to negative feelings towards being connected to symbiotic device that rests on my nose.

I can totally see how this technology could be amazing, and at least instead of someone looking at their phone, they will be looking at me whilst they’re reading their twitter feed off my face. What I can’t help worry about is facial recognition apps so store assistants have a terminator hud listing my interests so they can manipulate every t-shirt purchase I make, they’ll probably know I don’t like shopping and send somebody beautiful they know I won't be able to say no time ~shiver (i’m weak ok). Or what about that amazing app that will let you know whether your friend is lying to you based on body language signals. What about getting blind sided by a bike, car / lorry because an alert has just flashed up. Will we ever detach from the digital world, will it only happen at bedtime, hang on... Just gotta remind myself to set my phone to wake me up at the appropriate time based on my sleeping patterns :|.

But what about all the great stuff, exercise applications to keep you interested and healthy, professional enhancements for doctors to have the worlds health knowledge there in front of them, or what about them being able to instantly conference with consultants around the world to help them save a patient's life.. We could do this now but it requires different bits of technology being setup in hospitals, but a set of glasses and a nhs app does sound a lot easier to roll out. What about immersive gameplay, saw a brilliant mockup all be it a bit violent

It’s such a disruptive piece of technology, it will flip industry on its head.

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Love the feel of this trailer, best one yet for the new film.
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