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+Bruce Johnson Hi.  please click this link.

testing user agents...

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Howdy G+,

I posted an +Ansible-with-+Google Cloud Platform question over on stackoverflow:

With all the Google eng and devrel people hanging out here, I figured a cross-post might be a good idea.

I'm looking at you, +Eric Johnson and +Katharina Probst


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Gopher Academy is running a blog series to celebrate #golang 's 5th birthday.  On Monday I was a guest blogger, talking about why we love Go and how we use it over at +FullStory.

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I did a little interview on how we use Apache Cassandra at +FullStory  (running on +Google Cloud Platform, no less).

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Dear +Google Cloud Platform,

We are happy App Engine and GCE users.  However I can't help but notice that GCE does not charge at all for egress traffic "to a different Google Cloud service within the same region" [1] (this is awesome!) but App Engine does appear to charge for outgoing bandwidth to GCE [2] (this is not awesome).  Any chance this will change in the near future such that all GAE <-> GCE traffic will be free?  Seems like that would be a nice step towards promoting apps (like ours') that use a combination of Google Cloud services.

Sincerely yours,
Some guy on the Internet


p.s. thanks to +Jared Bhatti for clarifying this here:

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Dear Tech Gurus -

I am considering a Cassandra cluster deployment to Google Compute Engine.  However one of our principal db clients would be an App Engine app.  Since GCE firewalls do not include App Engine instances (meaning App Engine instances are considered "outside" the firewall) we would need to open ports in the firewall to the Cassandra nodes, effectively putting our database on the public Internet.

Is this reasonable to do?  I have read up on Cassandra's authentication scheme ( but I'm certainly not an expert and thus I don't trust that I can properly evaluate whether this scheme is strong enough to protect a publicly available database server.

If this is a bad idea, what's our best alternative?  Writing some kind of authenticating app in front of each database is rather unappealing since (1) we obviously want the db to be fast, so any extra steps in the way are counter to that goal, and (2) it might necessitate custom changes to the standard Cassandra client libs/programs.

Is there a standard practice here?

+Katharina Probst +Eric Johnson +Google Cloud Platform 

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Great day today at +FullStory HQ!  Excited to announce our public launch and +Google Ventures funding.

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ATL Gophers: We're hosting the May meetup over at +Monetology HQ on the west side. There will be beer. And if you ask me nicely, Bourbon :)

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Alarmingly accurate...
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