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Must Google's Project Ara only be a phone?

I received a nice surprise today when I heard "Tech News Today" read and discuss an email I sent in about my thoughts on Google's Project Ara. (Time segment 31:58 to 35:37)

I've been asked a couple of times what are they referring to in the video when they talk about "white space". It's the bands of frequencies between radio station, cellphone channels, wi-fi bands, etc. left unused by older, less capable equipment that today can now be precisely targeted. Think about a white sheet of paper. A child's writing is large and the white space between lines of text
are equally large. An adult is capable of writing smaller text with small while space between lines. Indeed, an adult could write a line or two in the white space of a child's writing. Similarly, a computer printer is capable of writing many many lines of text in the white space between an average adult's writing. White space can also refer to the unwritten portion of the paper left at the bottom as well as the margins around the edge. "White space" is simple frequencies unused  
yesterday but targetable today.
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Ian Pottinger

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The Swimming Platform
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Ian Pottinger

Shared publicly  - releases +Tom Merritt, captures +Mike Elgan.

I'm hoping this change might lead to a more tech-positive tone at As a tech-enthusiast, I've been bothered by the tendency of TWiT discussions to dwell, even linger, on the negative of every subject. Without fail, any brief, reluctant mention of a potential positive aspect of a new device or service is followed by a long examination and every possible negative.

I'm not seeking a flip to a pollyannaish embrace of all things new, but I do want to see more balance. There is no lack of voices espousing to dangers of new technology. That seem to be the knee-jerk response of most people. How refreshing it would be to find a forum for those of us who acknowledge new tools have a potential for new ills yet still harbour a passion for the exploration of the potential good that emerging technologies could offer.

Re: Changes at TWiT, Part 1& 2
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+Mike Elgan has some massively huge shoes to fill here, and I think he will pull it off. But damn am I going to miss +Tom Merritt and +Brian Brushwood. Frame rate is the best show on the network. 
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Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!
Sherlock Lives! Series 3 premieres January 19, 2014 at 10/9c on MASTERPIECE #SherlockLives.#SherlockPBS
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It says we can't see the video - "The uploader has not made this video available in your country".
But that's okay.  I'm just happy that a new season is coming.  This is, by far, the BEST adaptation of Sherlock Holmes out there (and no, I haven't seen the American one, and yes, I am quite sure that I DON'T want to)
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Ian Pottinger

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This is one of the most attractive images of Saturn I've seen.

Venus, Earth, and Mars are hidden in the glow of the rings as indicated in Astronomy Picture of the Day's annotated version at View a high-res image at .
NASA just released this breathtaking photo of Saturn, seven of its moons, and Earth in the background. Actually a mosaic of 141 wide-angle photos, this stunning view was captured by the Cassini spacecraft while inside Saturn's shadow. The image covers 404,880 miles (651,591 kilometers).
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East North-Americans should skip this post. Sorry guys.

I seen far too many snowfalls after exceptionally warm days to count on the temperature as an indicator of approaching spring. That's why today at Trout Lake I was so happy to see the willow trees have long since bud and small leaves are sprouting.

I trust the trees, they have years of experience. They know when winter is truly over so I'm dancing with delight.
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Our willow trees are broken, bent over too far in the ice storm in December, but we have not had good enough weather - or little enough snow - to be able to go outside and deal with them yet. But the ground is still white everywhere, as it has been since November.
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Ian Pottinger

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A friend and great photographer. Check out his profile. He is a definite must for your photography circle.
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Ian Pottinger

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Incredibly Lucky

One of my preferred mean of escape, back in Ontario, when I owned a car, was to take long drives in the countryside, especially on a calm rainy night. There was something soothingly hypnotic about the patter of rain on the windshield, the rhythmic beat of the wipers and the white noise of passing cars.  Lately, I've been longing for the chance to take a similar ride through the mountains here in lower British Columbia ...

After watching this, I think I rather just stay home. :-/
via +Nick Starr 
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that frigging rock!...i am amazed it actually stopped
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Can't Cheat Death

Yeah! The Killing get a final wrap-up season of six episodes. Thanks to +Netflix, this intriguing series will have a chance to come to a clean and conclusive end. We all have experienced the untimely demise of a favourite TV show. I'm glad to hear The Killing will not meet a similar fate.
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Since moving to Vancouver from Toronto, I've tried to concentrate on being a more active person. I volunteer with a few of men's health and mental health organizations and participate in a couple of fitness groups. I love walking, cycling, hiking and will jump at a chance to do any of these in or out of the city. Don't get the wrong picture, I'm no paragon of athleticism. I am, however, a work in progress that has achieved much since my days back in Ontario. There are a number of lifestyle goals I've yet to tackle, diet and strength training being just two and I still have a few phobia's standing in my way. I'd love to kayak and canoe, maybe even join a dragon boat team but I've yet to learn to swim and I harbour great distrust of open water. It doesn't stop me from getting into a boat (with a life jacket strapped so tight, I can hardly breathe) but it is something I want out of my mind so I can better enjoy the experience. 

I struggle with idle chit chat and can be awkward in social gathering, but again that is something I'm working on. However, if asked for my opinion, I often surprise people with how well informed I am and how well thought my arguments can be. I don't shy away from debates or challenging myself and others to explore other points of view.

I'm not who people often assume I am. My experience, tastes, and outlook can surprise. That makes me happy because there is nothing I detest more than stereotypes.

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I've never been disappointed at Kaide. Excellent quality and taste. Expect to dig a bit deeper into your pocket than at other sushi bars but you get what you pay for.
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