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Ian Pegg
WordPress web designer based in Norwich. Building clean, fast, and usable websites for small businesses.
WordPress web designer based in Norwich. Building clean, fast, and usable websites for small businesses.


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The Norwich City of Ale celebration is less than a month away!

May is always an exciting time in the Fine City for fine ale drinkers, and 2015's event has attracted even more pubs and breweries than ever before.

The only question is -- where to start?!

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If a Panda Antivirus update has broken your machine, do not reboot

The timeless advice to "turn it off, then turn it back on again" sadly doesn't apply in this case:
Panda antivirus software labels itself as malware

Sounds like quite an issue. If you are affected you may need to contact Panda to get your computer working again.
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+YouTube​ completes its switch to HTML5.

Thanks for sharing +Ana Hoffman​!
YouTube now streams HTML5 video by default

Starting today, YouTube defaults to using HTML5 video on all modern browsers, including Chrome, IE 11, Safari 8 and the beta versions of Firefox.

What does it mean to you?

Now that HTML5 video is the default on YouTube, Google is deprecating its old-style <object> Flash embeds and its Flash API.

YouTube recommends you only use its <iframe> embeds to embed videos going forward because that allows it to use whatever technology your visitors’ browsers support.

Learn more at

ht +TechCrunch

#youtubemarketing   #youtubehtml5   #marketingnews  
More marketing news:
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Have you been Panda'ed?

Great visual guide to establishing whether your site has been hit by one or more Google algorithm updates.

This is handy: This flow chart may help you find out if your site was hit by Panda or Penguin

+Janet Driscoll Miller developed it in conjunction with +Search Engine Land to help others follow a process to determine if a Panda or Penguin algorithm update may be affecting their sites.

Remember: the flow chart should only be used as a guide. It is not a guarantee but rather a potential indicator that your site may have been hit by one of these updates.

More at +Search Engine Land

#googlepanda   #googlepenguin   #searchengineoptimization  
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Want to connect with more British Brands on Google+?

It's well worth checking out these fantastic circle shares from +Kath Dawson -- but don't add too many at once!

Quite how she finds the time for all this fantastic work I'll never know, but she's made my G+ experience so much richer!

Originally shared by ****
Grow Your Network By Connecting with over 750 British Brands Who Are Active On Google+ Now

+Kath Dawson has been working on a project to curate and share circles of British Brands that she has been connecting with since May. Recently she audited this list to ensure that ONLY BRANDS WHO HAVE BEEN ACTIVE IN THE LAST 4 WEEKS are included.

See below for the links to each circle.

She then broke the circles into collections of up to 100 brands in order to make it easier for you to follow the brands over a period of time. Its important that you don't add all of these at once as this could be deemed 'aggressive following' so spread out the circle adding over a period of time. They are not going anywhere so you can do this any time.

Who should add these circles?
Anyone who wants to! They are British Brands so if you think they might be relevant then add them.

I suggest you add them to a circle of 'Britbrands' and then look at the stream of that circle so you can check out their activity and interact with anyone you think is relevant to you.

It can be a lonely place when you very first come to Google Plus and you are trying to learn the ropes and build up your brand page. Often just connecting with someone else who is in the same boat means you can offer each other some encouragement and support. From the feedback I have received so far it appears to be a great way to find some valuable engagement

How do I add them?
Click through to each link below then look for the big blue box, you can't miss it, in the box click on where it says 'add people'. You need to be on a desktop to add the circles otherwise you will not see the blue box with the 'add people' option. Basically sharing circles are not accessible on mobile.

Britbrands Sharing Circle #1:

Britbrands Sharing Circle #2:

Britbrands Sharing Circle #3:

Britbrands Sharing Circle #4:

Britbrands Sharing Circle #5:

Britbrands Sharing Circle #6:

Britbrands Sharing Circle #7:

Britbrands Sharing Circle #8:

If you have reached this far then here are a couple of UK communities that will get you started with growing your network even further:
UK Connect here:
The United Kingdom (UK) Community here:

Finally, let me introduce you to just a few of the #BritPack . These are individuals who are awesome to know and connect with and I guarantee that by following them that your Google Plus journey will be enhanced:
+Peter Lunn 
+Donna Beckett 
+Nick Rink 
+martin shervington 
+Lee Smallwood 
+James Dearsley 
+Phil Aston 
+Krishna De 
+Greg Cooper 
+Damion Elson 
+Alan Stainer 
+Phil Buckley 
+Mark Tillison 
+Dave Webster 
+Nicholas Berry 
+Julie Pell 
+Julia Poole 
+David Dhannoo 
+Suzanne Baracchini (Brit Abroad!)
I am doing this from memory so forgive me for missing the hundreds more I could name if my brain weren't fried and this weren't already an uber long post!

Kath's next project, when she has recovered from this one, will be to share her rather large Britpack circles!

#lendahand   #britbrands   #britbrand   #britpack   #ukconnect   #unitedkingdom  
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It can be quite a challenge to find Norfolk folks on Google+, but +BK Frank has done the hard work for us by sharing this fantastic circle.

Remember, the power of networks lies in connections, so please do add this circle to your profile, and share it with others too :)

Originally shared by ****
We have a circle of Norfolk Friends and would love them all to join and share this community about our beautiful county :o)
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Looking forward to seeing Nils Frahm at +Epic Studios on 26th October!
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This is a fantastic project I've been working on recently. I provided the training, support and implementation to help +Debbie Copas put together her own website for her business, +Norfolk Coastal Holidays.

Please do go and take a look!
The new website is now live! Months of hard work, still plenty to do, but it's good enough to go! Tell me what you think......
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Ian Pegg commented on a post on Blogger.
Thanks for the shout-out +Bob Brotchie

You're absolutely right about having the right perspective on Mondays. I think it's an excellent opportunity to practice gratitude and to see them as the start of a week full of opportunities, rather than the first of five days of drudgery before we can escape again at the weekend.

Looking forward to reading many more of your posts on your new website!
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