Release 5 of the pmono #ubuntu packages for #mono and #monodevelop are now complete and uploaded here:

deb ./


$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pmono-*


$ pmono bash
$ pmono mono ...
$ pmono gsharp ...
$ pmono monodevelop

Main changes since release 4:

* mono 2.10.8
* monodevelop

Main changes since release 2:

* can now install monodevelop without forcing the package
* package disk usage sizes now correct
* custom soft debugger dialog enabled by default
* moved internal package creation away from checkinstall and now
use a more traditional dpkg-deb and some perl to monitor changes

I've been able to test most things by building and running a gtk# app using the
new packages aswell as running a remote debug session.

The only bugs so far seem to be that monodoc segfaults on exit and that
monodevelop always seems to want to run gnome-terminal when you choose
"Open in Terminal" where it really should use x-terminal-emulator

My next few plans are for an amd64 build and to update the mono 2.10.8 and
monodevelop 2.8.5, stay tuned!
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