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Regular Expression crossword. Sadism at it's finest.

I have an ocarina, maybe I should start practicing my Song of Time. #EndOfTheWorld   #MajorasMask

All this talk of the end of world makes me want to play Majora's Mask.  #EndOfTheWorld

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"the USSD code to factory data reset a Galaxy S3 is *2767*3855# can be triggered from browser like this: <frame src="tel:*2767*3855%23" />"

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Share this if you're interested.

#gearboxsoftware  make #borderlands2   #linux  native. Now. Harass the crap out of Epic to get UE3 native, while you're at it. It would be a good idea with #steamforlinux  coming.

I get to play WoW for class credit =D

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Epic Meal Time, we're coming for you. +Brad Hess .
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"The backdoor uses the login ID of "factory" and a password that's recovered by plugging the MAC, or media access control, address of the targeted device into a simple Perl script"

Umm... Wow...

Hmm... #Fisting #Bacon and #TentaclePorn .
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