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Ian McCormick
Academic writer on English Literature and digital humanities.
Academic writer on English Literature and digital humanities.

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Vocabulary Learning - Warm-Up Exercises
This is a warm-up exercise. Test your word power! How many words start with "T" and finish with "R" ? (You can find the answers here ) Perhaps
a wide vocabulary is one part of intelligence? Intelligence takes many
forms: understanding and applying rules, ...

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Tate values and Community theory
I was delighted to read that Maria Balshaw has been appointed as the new director of the UK's most famous art galleries: the Tate . I had the
pleasure of working alongside Dr Maria Balshaw at “Nene” or “University
College” in the late 1990s, which was  an...

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EMO-Quest: Investigating the Affective Turn
“Why are
so many scholars today in the humanities and social sciences fascinated
by the idea of affect?” (Ruth Leys 435) “No one has yet determined what the
body can do.” (Spinoza) “first
encounters with theories of affect might feel like a momentary (somet...

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Working in Pairs: Correlative Conjunctions
Fourteen Examples of  Correlative Conjunctions 1.        as . . . as 2.        just as . . . so 3.        both . . . and 4.        hardly . . . when 5.        scarcely . . . when 6.        either . . . or 7.        neither . . . nor 8.        if . . . then ...

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World's worst writing and cliche speech
“So, with all due respect, at the end of the day, I personally, I'm fairly
unique, whatever? So I’m, well, so absolutely annoyed by English language clichés.
It’s a nightmare. At this moment in time I shouldn’t of   mentioned it, but it irritates me 24/7. S...

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Gothic Encyclopedia Review
I have reviewed this new book.

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The Encyclopedia of the Gothic - Review
made imaginable.” A
review of The Encyclopedia of the Gothic (2016), edited by William Hughes, David Punter and Andrew Smith. Wiley-Blackwell.
ISBN: 978-1-119-06460-2. (880 pages).      The general editors (William Hughes, David Punter and Andrew ...

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Trans Gothic in Literature and Culture
New book TransGothic in Literature and Culture Foreword Introduction Jolene Zigarovich, Jolene
Zigarovich is Assistant Professor in the Department of Languages &
Literatures at the University of Northern Iowa, USA. Part I. Gothic Transgenderism  1. Transt...
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