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Strategies for reducing the wait-time misery index
Some companies are whittling down to two hours the wait window for service and trying to improve communication with customers.
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Do you know the work of John Seddon/Vanguard? For example at Portsmouth Housing? Waiting times reduced to zero. :) The people who need repairs done, set the date and time. Utterly cool.
Yes - I know of his work. I have a friend who works for Vanguard.
Knowing the waiting time certainly reduces frustrations even if the service isn't improved (many stops for the local PT show or announce the expected arrival time of the next vehicle). A large local telco should heed this and not expect customers to wait for half a day (AM or PM) for a technician to visit.
The article rightly identifies that the customer communication and accurate estimates of delivery time would be a differentiator for businesses (on-line or not).
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