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Ian Marquis
I make music and pretty things.
I make music and pretty things.

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I haven't used Plus in a year and a half. I'm trying to change that.

Google+ doesn't seem to pull the same metadata as Facebook and Twitter. It's resulting in some very generic snippets from my links. Also, why can't I edit the snippet and title?

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I originally wrote 'Holiday' back in 2005 or so for a demo album I called 'Season Red Eye'. I remastered it and put it on the EP that went along with The Shivers. I'm still pretty happy with it - particularly the middle section, where the key changes.

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Indecent was one of the first songs I recorded for The Man Forgotten, and was the last I finished. I was never 100% happy with it when I was in the middle of making the album, but the result really grew on me (and I've heard from quite a few people that it's their favorite song on the album). Also, the effects chain on the synths killed my old PC.

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So, I'm trying to start blogging again.

Google Plus would be a lot more useful if you could easily push updates to it from other services. Just saying. 

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I wrote Triumph and Sin in December of 2011. It made it, more or less unchanged, onto my fourth album a year and a half later.

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That's certainly one way to go about it. 

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I hope the US gets back into the space game sooner, rather than later. It seems silly to pull back our attention now that we're in a position to do more than ever before. Also, kind of sad. 
India launches Mars Orbiter Mission

The PSLV C25, carrying Mangalyaan or the Mars Orbiter Mission lifted-off from Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR located on Sriharikota Island, Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday afternoon. This is India's first Mars mission, and no country has been fully successful on its first try.

India's Mars satellite, which will collect information about the planet's atmosphere and surface, is expected to enter the Martian orbit on September 24, 2014. Five solar-powered instruments aboard Mangalyaan will gather data to help determine how Martian weather systems work.Mangalyaan will also search Mars for methane, a key chemical in life processes on Earth that could also come from geological processes.

Congrats ISRO team!

#indiaaroundmars #isro #india #marsmission 
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