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Because #content isn't just about glamorous stuff.
How do you write mind-blowing content about deodorant? Very carefully. In this post, I walk through my ideation process, and where I get my content ideas.
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Ian Lurie

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Some #digitalmarketing  agencies are pretty sleazy. They'll try to retain ownership of things like your PPC accounts, your domain names, your content, etc.

Don't let them. Here's what you own, and what you should expect.
Someday, you’re going to fire your digital marketing agency. Here's what you should get, no questions asked, when you make the change.
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Ian Lurie

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isn't storytelling any more. It's even cooler. As marketers, we build out worlds - story engines that our customers use to do their OWN storytelling. This is the deck I presented tonight at CHIFOO. 
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Ian Lurie

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Wrote this over the holidays. I'm posting it here now that everyone should be over their hangovers.
I talk about dealers in this post. When I had some friends edit it, they accused me of writing yet another Breaking Bad comparison post. Let me
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Ian Lurie

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Portent's SMB business unit chief, +Chad Kearns, goes step-by-step through #PPC  budgeting
"What should my PPC budget be?" How to set a PPC budget is one of those questions I get asked on an extremely regular basis as we start working
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Ian Lurie

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Because I just can't take any of this seriously any more:
I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I’m surfing the trend. I’m grubbing for 15 seconds of fame by reporting the biggest news of the
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A bit, oh, sickeningly sweet? I feel a little silly heart-ing a post...
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Ian Lurie

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I... am not totally sure what started this
29 random thoughts about content and copywriting, from titles to post length. Read Ian Lurie's tips, & his take on life as a marketing writer.
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Ian Lurie

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"How much content do I need?"


I wrote this short piece about why "how much" isn't the right question. "How do I do this sustainably?" is the right question.
Don't ask "how much content do I need?" That's the wrong question. Ask "How do I produce content forever?" That's the right content marketing question.
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Amen. I might riff off this in a post later. 
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Ian Lurie

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Everyone makes budgeting such a difficult exercise. In the end, though, it comes down to what you are willing to spend, and what growth is worth.

Figure those two things out and you'll set a budget.

Leave either one off the list and it doesn't matter how good your math is - it won't work.
What's an ideal marketing budget? ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN SMALL BILLS DROPPED ON MY DESK. Or not. Reality trashes marketing budgets. It throws
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The second half of 2014 and early 2015 was, for me, the Cyclone of Excrement. This post is all about what I learned:
Last February, I had to have hernia surgery. I was so stressed about work that, as they put me under, I was just happy to get some sleep. Yes, I
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Good picture.
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Ian Lurie

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Why I think a lot of marketing tactics fail:
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Ian Lurie

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The links and deck from my +OMCap presentation last week.
I talked about site speed today at OMCap Berlin. The presentation included a lot of little tips. Here are links to any relevant stuff, in the order they appeared in the presentation. The links: Site speed vs. revenue The stats and explanation around revenue vs. page load time. Diagnostic tools Google PageSpeed Insights GTMetrix Pingdom… Read More
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+Vincent Velema nice :)
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Internet marketing blogger. CEO and Founder, Portent, Inc.
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And, in case that wasn't enough, father of 2. 
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Two amazing kids who resist my attempts to warp them. Author of 2 books, co-author of another. Internet marketer since 1995.
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Scott is one of the most knowledgable SEOs in the business. Since I've known him and his company, I've seen nothing but great, thoughtful analysis around local and organic SEO from them. Hire them!
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Terrible hotel. Rude, loud housekeeping services people in the halls cursing at each other at 7 AM. My room had the L train rattling by 24/7. The gym costs $15/day. And, when I tried to check out a day early (at 8:20 AM) they charged me for the full extra day. In spite of the fact that the hotel was booked solid, and they clearly could've booked the room. Awful service, nasty people. Not a good place to stay at all.
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Does anyone care that these guys falsified these reviews? I do. Especially when they wrote them using the names of real SEOs in real businesses who do great work. This is bad SEO, and any business practicing it is begging for trouble.
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