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Diablo 3 beta took a bit more of my weekend than expected, but I still released the new version of +Contraction Timer. Decided to take advantage of some of the other components of the Support Library including the ViewPager and NavUtils classes.

+ACRA was very handy in alerting me of some lingering crash errors that users hadn't reported via the Market.

Up to 22.5k installs and still going up!
Contraction Timer 1.8 Released

- New feature: Swipe between View Contraction Details screens
- New feature: Disable/Enable Google Analytics Anonymous tracking in Settings
- Many bug and crash fixes

Full list of changes can be found at
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oh wow! i didn't know you were into making mobile apps. i'm super busy over the next few months, and MIT officially owns all IP that i produce. however, when i go back to school in the fall, i might be interested in experimenting w/ making mobile apps on the side. what do you recommend as the best way to learn what's what and how to be dangerous?
+Chris Tanner - Well, assuming you are comfortable in Eclipse and Java, you can dive right into the Android Training site: which goes from creating your first application to some of the advanced techniques in a cookbook format. There's also 30+ sample projects that come with the SDK that offer functional examples.

For some tips on how to make an application (rather than just get dirty coding), I wrote a nice post on starting your first application:
ah, sweet. yea, java is my strongest language, and i've used eclipse a lot. although, i haven't fully explored and used in-depth features; i mostly use it as a glorified emacs for writing research code. i'll have to check out that site soon. thanks! so far, you're 2/2 on great references (runkeeper being the other) :-)
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