What's Next for the Muzei Plugin API: Modernization
I firmly believe that Muzei's plugin API for providing your own wallpapers is a critical part to what makes Muzei what it is and about 35% of users take advantage of it to customize their Muzei wallpaper.

For better or worse, the actual MuzeiArtSource API has not evolved since its humble beginnings (in many ways, because of how excellent it was from day 1). As Android has evolved, it has become clear that many of the choices made back in the KitKat era are no longer the best practices.

This means that the plugin API is long overdue for some serious modernization. This will require significant work on Muzei's side and will require changes on the plugin's side as well.

As I said in the blog post: "But you know what? I’m up for it. Let’s make it so that if you hit the ‘Next Artwork’ button, it actually works every time. Let’s make it so that users aren’t surprised by large amounts of data usage coming from Muzei or its plugins. Let’s make it so that Muzei and its plugins are well set up to be good Android citizens and provide the best experience without affecting the overall system health or battery life."

If you're a plugin developer, I'd love to look through your current plugin code - send a link or the source code itself to support@muzei.co
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