MultiDex Support Library
Read the now released best practices guide: - that supersedes everything I said below.

So your application has grown too large: you're over the Dex limit. Maybe you've taken advantage of some of the ridiculously useful libraries out there that could stand to lose some weight (Google Play Services, I'm looking at you). You've had to resort to limiting the functionality of your app or doing crazy hacks to work around the limit. No more: welcome MultiDexApplication!

MultiDexApplication, part of a simple android-support-multidex.jar found in sdk\extras\android\support\multidex\library\libs, gives you MultiDex support on all API 4+ devices (well, until v21, where you get this natively) by having your Application extend MultiDexApplication or call MultiDex.install(context) in your application's attachBaseContext. That's it. Seriously.

Note: you should really, really Proguard before going down the Multidex rabbit hole.
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