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Google Assistant on Android TV, Android Wear 2.0, and more
+Sundar Pichai talked about how important the Assistant was back when the Pixel phones was announced. Expanding the Google Assistant to Android TV and Android Wear 2.0 devices is a natural extension of that plan.

Thankfully, the Assistant team is well aware that the best Assistant that works the same everywhere: really excited to get to that point.

The Google Assistant will soon be coming to even more surfaces, ready to help answer your questions and help you get things done.
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Looking forward to the cohesive future of Assistant
incept one would think they would put it on the nexus's before a tv lol
I hope they make a new Nexus Player or Pixel Player i still have the original Nexus Player and it works great would upgrade if Google made a new one this year until then ill keep my trusty Nexus Player. +Google +Sundar Pichai
After using the assistant with Google Home I'm really impressed with it. Granted, it's nowhere close to its potential yet but it's good enough that you can clearly see the potential and if Google keeps with it I bet we'll reach there pretty soon.
Android TV sounds like a great place to drop the same stuff as well. I'm still not convinced about the assistant in general in phones but in home voice control is great! 
Really hoping the $1200 Sony Android TV I bought a year ago is able to support this. Anyone know how to check if your TV will be supported?
+Michael Carrano - the blog says: "all Android TVs in the US running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Android 7.0 Nougat"
I guess I never really looked to see what version of Android is on my TV. Will check later.
+Michael Carrano - Android TVs started with Android 6.0, so you can read that as "all Android TVs"
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