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Facebook Messenger v9 gets Android Wear Voice Replies
I've been a big fan of Android Wear since its announcement so one of the things I've done quite a bit of at Facebook is ensure that Android Wear is actively considered when adding new features and we take advantage of what features are provided.

On that note: Facebook Messenger version 9 includes the ability to voice reply directly from your Android Wear device! For many users, you'll also gain the ability to send a 'like' thumbs up reply and mute notifications from actions on your phone or Android Wear device.

Really happy to be shipping Android Wear features and even more excited that some of my coworkers are also getting interested about Android Wear!

Note: I speak solely for myself and not for Facebook, Inc.
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If only the actual Facebook app was half as well designed as the Messenger app and defaulted to Most Recent news feed rather than Top Stories, we might have a winning combination. 
Is it normal for the beta version to crash constantly on Android L? I mean every time a message arrive and every time I open the Facebook app.
Thanks for this! With Facebook Messenger + Whatsapp support for Wear, the AW experience is even more awesome! 
+Ian Lake as someone who works on Messenger, how do you feel about the truncated tease message notifications you get having the FB app installed but not messenger? I realise it's too prompt you to install messenger, but if you'd rather not it's quite aggravating to be shown part of a message in a notification and then remember it has been deliberately truncated en route every time.

I had a slightly angry moment about it the other day but have now calmed down and would be curious to see what the internal thinking is.
Latest beta was crashing for me like literally every 5 minutes and I had to uninstall :(. Is it safe to install now? 
Used that feature today. Was delighted when I replied from my watch. Are the Facebook and Messenger teams not the same team? Two totally different experiences.
+Ian Lake That's great news (still odd to read about this on G+).

If you could work on getting the Facebook team update the changelogs with meaningful and timely change mentions, that'd be great.
+Artem Russakovskii - release notes are definitely a problem when almost all features are time gated and limited to a certain percentage of people (for example, 10% of people won't see the like actions for some time) - listing a feature that some/all people can't get access to immediately upon updating isn't a good experience either.

In this case, I wrote the feature and rolled it out to 100% so I felt confident enough to post about it here where it could reach an audience larger than just my close friends and family.
Does it use the BigTextStyle with the list of messages? You answered me on Stackoverflow about this.

WhatsApp is using stacked notifications with 1 notification per message, it's really broken, a lot of pressing and scrolling.
Also, a mark as read option would be great.

(I'm asking because I still can't use it)
+David Corsalini - this update only adds the additional actions. Currently Messenger has totally separate notifications for each conversation (not stacked/aggregated) and shows each conversation in BigTextStyle (one message) or InboxStyle (multiple messages) on both phone and Wear. Unfortunately, that leads to a lot of messages longer than about 2-3 words to be cut off in the InboxStyle (which is very obvious on Wear).
Exactly. I'd like 1 notification per conversation, stacked. Then each notification should have the complete a la hangout. I'm not sure about the multiple conversation situation on hangout, but they're doing very well.
How do u get it to work on my android wear? 
+David Corsalini I totally agree. Having cut off messages leads a lot of times to unreadability, which leads the reply function to be useless in that use case. Stacked messages would be a great solution for that. 
tested with the lake man himself. works great. +5
A Jolly
+Mario Viviani yeah, this is driving me nuts. I might have to sell my wear device and go back to pebble. 
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