Guild Wars 2 Upcoming Beta Weekend April 27-29

So very excited to get some extended hands on time with +Guild Wars 2! I'll be interested to see what details they release in their blog post later day/tomorrow.

If you haven't pre-purchased (which gives you access to all beta weekends and a three day head start on launch), I'd strongly suggest it if you are at all interested. From my play time so far (at conventions), it will be well worth your money, particularly with no monthly fee.

Official Announcement on Twitter:!/GuildWars2/status/192670624815132675

/cc +Eric Lake
First Beta Weekend Event will be from April 27-29.
We will let you know once the client is ready for download. We'll have a blog post with details about what and when you can play later today or tomorrow. If you haven't already: pre-purchase to participate!

I know patience has been thin but it'll be worth the extra preparation time for a great beta experience. ;) #gw2beta #gw2 #gw2fans #guildwars2
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