The last week or so we've been working on polish issues so that our Flutter Gallery demo app looks and feels so good that anyone trying it is left with no doubt that Flutter is a serious option for writing mobile apps. This means looking at things like performance during page transitions, removing demos that aren't complete, and fixing silly trivial bugs that we've ignored for too long. In the latter category, for example, we have the bug I've been looking at today: getting the scroll friction in flings in lists to feel natural. This basically means figuring out what the magic number should be by tweaking it slowly bit by bit until it matches the platform! You can see my crazy setup in the photo below. I put two devices side by side and then do a fling gesture on both and see how close it gets.

Turns out iOS is very slippery, 0.125. Android is high friction, 0.002 if I remember correctly.
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