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This might amuse Littlebits nerds.

Problem: How to use littlebits as a network-enabled temperature sensor with a local display for debugging purposes.

The obvious solution is power -> temperature sensor -> number -> cloudbit. In theory, though, the power and cloudbit modules would interfere with the sensor because they get warm. The next obvious solution, then, is to go power -> wire -> temperature sensor -> wire -> number -> cloudbit.

Unfortunately, the cloudbit is super sensitive to how much power it gets, to the point where using a couple of wire modules is enough to cause the cloudbit to fail to connect to my wifi (it goes into a reboot loop instead).

Solution: bring the power in via the number "reset" line, so that it's not going through a wire, then set the cloudbit to output 1.0, and wire the temperature sensor in a loop!

As crazy as the circuit looks, it does work.

The only problem with this is that the littlebitscloud doesn't remember that I set the output to 1.0, so I'm going to have my logging script periodically remind the cloudbit that it should be sending a 1.0 output, so that if there's a brief power outage it returns to 1.0. (Or I could get a fork bit and take the 1.0 signal off that instead. That's probably simpler... won't look as funny though.)
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