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Photoshop Experts: what would make Photoshop fundamentally better than what it is now?

EDIT: I know it's quite a big question but I'm very interested to hear your views. =]
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To do stuff in PS is generally easier to do in GIMP, requires less clicks. But that and the single windows mode are the only PS advantage from my point of view
Through I am not a PS guy, I am GIMP one :)
I don't have a lot experience in PS, but from what I have it was easier for me to do do stuff. For example PS Drop Shadow beats the living animus of GIMP's one. Not that stuff can't be achieved in GIMP, it is just more tricky :)
A more realistic price point ;)
Ian Hex
+Rob Mackay Hah, I think we all wish it was priced better. =D
+Reda Lazri I believe the nested layer groups limit was increased to 10 in CS5. Does PS really need an advanced vector creation system when you have Illustrator?
If it wasn't such a resource hog and booted up a lot quicker, that'd be nice.
Ian Hex
+Thom Rosell Aye, memory issues definitely seem to be a killer. What killer features would you add, though?
I'm far from a PS expert so feel bad for even commenting, but I've always wished Photoshop and Illustrator had the auto save/temp file ability as InDesign. As that would save my skin when my system crashes. Which is a far more common an occurrence that it ought to be!
I would love it if they had a font categorization system so you can find the font you need faster. I also really hate the text layer selection issue, when you select a text layer and then go to click to edit , it should be more intelligent about selecting the text area instead of creating a new layer if you are a pixel off your click. Maybe a colored outline or something...
Ian Hex
+Luke Healy This would be nice, indeed. Perhaps even if they implemented auto-syncing with a cloud storage facility like Dropbox...
+Vail Joy Totally agree with font categorisation, it seems in general that this issue could be addressed a whole lot better in a lot of design software.
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