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Ian Hex

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The Forces That Move The Earth

Ye Gods, it feels good to be back on Skye. Lisabet and I got up at Sparrow’s Fart today (technical term) for a circuit around the Trotternish Peninsula. Apart from being the northernmost part of Skye, the Trotternish’s main claim to fame is a monstrous landslip the runs almost the full length of the peninsula. As a result, there are many unusual rock formations and sudden cliffs; one of the more famous areas being the Storr, featuring the Old Man of Storr. The other is the Quiraing, which is what you see above. =)

The Quiraing features a sheer vertical cliff along with lots of otherworldly rock formations with dramatic names, such as The Prison, The Needle, and The Table. It is the only part of the Trotternish landslip that is still moving. Getting this shot wasn’t easy as it’s proved to be an extremely blustery day today so I was constantly wrestling with the wind. Eventually, I finally got the shot set up and waited for the sun to burst out from the behind the speeding clouds, illuminating this incredible scene. =)

Quiraing, Trotternish Peninsula, Isle of Skye, Highlands, Scotland.

ISO100, f/8, 1⁄15sec at 14mm (21mm full-frame equiv.) using a circular polariser and a soft 3-stop ND grad filter stacked on my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens attached to a Nikon D7000. This exposure was shot three times for focus stacking, later rendering the scene tack-sharp in post. Processed in Capture One, edited in Photoshop.
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Ian Hex

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In a couple of days, +Lisabet Woods-Jack and I will be heading off to Bonny Scotland for two weeks! Here's what we're doing -> 
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Wish you nice,fruitful trip
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Ian Hex

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Trick shots, stunts, and japes... with ping pong!

These guys are funneh.
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Ian Hex

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Sketched and Admired

Thornton Force, pictured, is probably the most famous waterfall along the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail. It’s fame is both geological and historical: geologically it is of great interest, plunging 50ft over a Great Scar Limestone cliff that itself sits on a bed of older Ordovician Ingleton slate, a direct result of the Craven fault; and historically, this waterfall was sketched by celebrated English landscape painter J. M. W. Turner in 1816.

Getting this shot was, curiously, not easy. The area around the waterfall is quite open with lots of interesting compositional viewpoints. However, there were lots of people milling in and out of the shot, as people do, and also the light was changing very quickly. Lisabet had to be very patient with me as I waited for the sun’s light to soften behind some clouds before shooting my exposures. I’m quite happy with how it’s turned out, though. =)

Thornton Force, Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire, England.

ISO100, four exposures at f/8.0 and 1⁄25secs, and one exposure at 73secs, all at 11mm (16.5mm full-frame equiv.) using a circular polariser and a 10-stop full-ND filter (for the long exposure) stacked on my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens attached to a Nikon D7000. The initially four exposures I shot for focus stacking, as my lens was inches away from the foreground rock. I then attached my big stopper to shoot a 73-second exposure to smooth out the flow of the water. These were then all processed in Capture One, then edited and blended together in Photoshop.
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Nice :) <3 
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Ian Hex

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Finding the View

These days I tend to do quite a lot of research into my explorations around the UK; piling over Ordnance Survey maps and good ol’ Google Maps to seek interesting viewpoints and compositions, then utilising apps such as Blue Hour to help me visualise and time when there’s good light direction. The composition here is an example of when I don’t get things quite right.

This is Llyn Dinas in the Snowdonia National Park, North Wales. I had previously located some interesting compositions and viewpoints of this lake and its surrounding mountains, but upon attempting it I didn’t get my bearings right compared to the visualisation I had in me head. I made do with this image instead. In future, I think I’ll try this again, armed with more information. =)

Llyn Dinas, Beddgelert, Gwynedd, Snowdonia, North Wales.

ISO400, f/11, 1⁄125sec at 11mm (16.5mm full-frame equiv.) using my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens attached to a Nikon D7000. The track I was on to get to this vantage point was rather narrow, and other folk were trekking up and down, so rather than getting me tripod out I opted to shoot handheld at a higher ISO to ensure the shutter speed was quick enough without camera shake. This is a single exposure made with no filters, edited with Capture One, Color Efex Pro, and Photoshop. 
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Ian Hex

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The Sun-Kissed Mist

The stacks of Ynys Fawr at Trefor on the Llyn Peninsula, gently kissed by the emerging sun as it breaks through the thick sea haar.

Ynys Fawr, Trefor, Llyn Peninsula, North Wales.

ISO100, f/16, ⅛ at 12mm (18mm full-frame equiv.) using a circular polariser and a hard 2-stop ND grad filter stacked on my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens attached to a Nikon D7000. Edited with Capture One, Color Efex Pro, and Photoshop.
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Breathtaking view +Guy Verkroost Photography​
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Ian Hex

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The Universal Healer

Today, Sunday, I felt well enough for the first time in nearly two weeks to go for a hike in the Lake District (update: I’ve been suffering from some sort of viral infection that caused acute labyrinthitis and severe vertigo. Not fun). So +Lisabet Woods-Jack and I took her American cousin, Tracey, and her Italian nephew, Lawrence, up to Ambleside for breakfast before hiking up the Scandale valley for a potter around High Sweden Bridge.

What a beautiful day it was. Sunny enough to be comfortably warm, with a gentle breeze, and enough cloud cover to create interesting light situations across the landscape. Whilst Lisabet and relatives enjoyed a cooling paddle in the crystal clear water by the ancient packhorse bridge, I picked my spot for a composition and waited for the light to illuminate the distant fell. =)

High Sweden Bridge, Scandale, Ambleside, Lake District, Cumbria, England.

ISO100, f/8, 1⁄30sec (for focus stacking) and 40secs (for the sky and water movement) at 13mm (19.5mm full-frame equiv.) using a circular polariser and a soft 3-stop ND grad filter stacked on my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens attached to a Nikon D7000. For this shot, I waited for the sun to hide behind some clouds so that the immediate foreground area wasn’t harshly illuminated. I then took 4 exposures at different focal points in order to later focus stack the images together for crisp sharpness throughout the frame. I also shot a 40second exposure using my 10-stop full-ND filter so I could capture the flow of the clouds and water over time. This long exposure was then blended into the final image. Edited with Capture One, Color Efex Pro, and Photoshop.
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Ian Hex
+Tania Howey Just looked it up, looks nice!
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Ian Hex

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The Fairy Glen has surpassed all expectations.

Lovely day on Skye so far! 
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Brillient shot
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Ian Hex

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Perfect Day

Llyn Padarn is a beautiful glaciated lake, situated next to Llanberis in Snowdonia, North Wales. At the foot of the lake, its north–west end, a bridge crosses its outflow, upon which one can enjoy one of the more famous views in Snowdonia.

It was a gorgeous day to enjoy such an incredible scene. =)

Llyn Padarn, Snowdonia, Gwynedd, North Wales.

ISO100, f/13, 1⁄125sec at 16mm (24mm full-frame equiv.) using a circular polariser and a soft 3-stop ND grad filter stacked on my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens attached to a Nikon D7000. Single exposure, processed in Capture One, edited in Photoshop.
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So nice💛💛💛💚💚💚
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Ian Hex

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Cliffs of Holy Island

It was definitely an interesting experience hiking down the cliffs of Holy Island/Ynys Gybi to get underneath the thick, glowing haar that had rolled in from the sea. Along the way down I stopped for shots looking across the cliffs, watching the play of the mist rushing in against these colourful walls and being burned off by the rising sun. =)

South Stack, Holy Island, Anglesey, North Wales.

ISO100, f/11, 1⁄125sec at 11mm (16.5mm full-frame equiv.) using a circular polariser on my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens attached to a Nikon D7000. This is a single exposure, handheld, with only a circular polariser to help reduce the strong highlight glare from the bright sun. Processed in Capture One, edited in Photoshop. 
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Ian Hex

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Back to the Start

The Ingleton Waterfalls hold a rather special place in my heart: it was the first place I went to in order to specifically shoot landscape photography with my first DSLR camera, the ol’ Nikon D60! That marked the start of what has become an obsession, a passion, and a new journey in my life that has lead me to some incredible places! And it’s all thanks, in part, to you guys and all your encouragement. =)

This is Pecca Twin Falls, one of the main series of waterfalls along the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail. I love the lines these falls make, and also their reddish colour (a common feature of the Ingleton Waterfalls, it’s a result of peat being carried down the falls from the higher fells and moorland).

Pecca Twin Falls, Ingleton, North Yorkshire, Yorkshire Dales, England.

ISO100, f/8 at ⅓sec at f/22 at 1.3secs, both at 16mm (24mm full-frame equiv.) using a circular polariser on my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 attached to a Nikon D7000. I shot two exposures at f/8 for focus stacking, then shot a longer exposure at f/22 for a better rendition of the water movement. These were then edited in Capture One, and blended together and edited in Photoshop.
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Ian Hex
+David LaCivita No need to apologise! 👍
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Ian Hex

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Old Work, New Beginning

Anglesey is blessed with miles of gorgeous coastline, so you’re spoilt for choice really. However, during our most recent North Wales exploration I had mentally bookmarked a relatively unknown spot on the north Anglesey coast. We parked up in a layby, followed the country lane towards the shore and walked up the headland to get this view.

This is Porth Wen! Apart from exhibiting a beautiful beach and lovely craggy headlands, the star of the area is an abandoned Victorian brickworks, seen in the distance in this composition. In its heyday it produced fire bricks, made from quartzite, used to line steel-making furnaces. Nowadays it is a scheduled monument. I found this composition and perched my tripod precipitously near the cliff, looking down into the turquoise water, the clear sky warm and the sun drenching the scene in golden light. =)

Porth Wen, Llanbadrig, Anglesey, North Wales.

ISO100, f/13, 35secs at 14mm (21mm full-frame equiv.) using a circular polariser, a hard 2-stop ND grad filter, and a 10-stop full-ND filter stacked on my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens attached to a Nikon D7000. This is a single 35-second exposure, processed in Capture NX-D and edited in Capture One and Photoshop.
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+Ian Hex I feel so relieved as I also moved for the same reason. People don't use such tools in professional capacity and have never really tried them don't know of the huge difference. I use LR, but will look into Capture One. Thanks. I really appreciate.
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A lovely spot. One of those Minimum Effort/Maximum Reward places. Get there early because it’s often busy. A properly paved path circuits the whole tarn giving different views along the way. A good place to go to if you want a taste of the Lake District countryside without having to gear up with food, maps etc.
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It's up there with Chester's by the River as the best place in the Lake District to get an excellent, proper coffee. Chester's is situated in a better setting but Homeground has a nicer interior. Staff in Homeground are super friendly, and the food is ALWAYS excellent, with responsible and locally sourced ingredients. If you want, you can also buy the beans they use. Homeground has no equal.
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We stopped here for a morning brew and a sandwich before hiking around the Conwy Falls. First thing we noticed was the place was ramming, clearly very popular! We ordered a cappuccino, a flat white and a bacon butty. Unfortunately we were told that the bacon butty would be at least 30-40mins, so these guys were overrun. I had a brownie instead. Eventually, our coffee arrived: this took 25 minutes. It seems to be just one guy on the espresso machine, making the drinks then serving them. Perhaps they were notably understaffed on our visit. The gentleman did apologise for the delay when our drinks arrived. Cappuccino was well presented and very smooth. The brownie was dense and delicious. So although we can recommend the actual drinks and food we received we can't give a thumbs up for the slow service. Perhaps we just hit them on a bad day when they were unexpectedly understaffed.
• • •
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A place of sheer architectural beauty and deeply interactive learning. As a photographer, I was delighted to see that the Museum practise a tolerant attitude towards photographers with tripods: a quick form to fill out and one Photo Pass later I was set. Friendly people, fascinating exhibits, awe-inspiring place.
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11 reviews
One of the more cosier places to dine in Kendal. I believe the building originates in the 16th century! Oak beams, handcrafted decor and furnishings, all add to a timeless feeling. Customer service tends to be flawless and friendly, and the food has never disappointed, even if it is a touch pricey. Wholeheartedly recommend the Joshua Tree for a hearty lunch in a delightful environment with friendly staff.
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reviewed 9 months ago
Probably the best coffee in Cumbria, which as a self-confessed coffee snob makes me happy. Beautifully situated in Skelwith Bridge alongside the River Brathay, Chester's is clean, tastefully decorated and reasonably priced. The cakes are always exquisite and the baristas know their coffee. A good place to fuel up before or after a nice walk to nearby Elterwater.
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Super friendly staff, incredible rooms, exquisite food, rad choice of whisky. We will be back, this place is wonderful.
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reviewed 2 years ago