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Website will be down for a few minutes why the certs are renewed.

Apologies for any incovenience caused.

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Our servers are about to go through some unscheduled maintenance in the next hour, we expect at most a 3 hour turn around and should be well and truly back up by 1800 AEDT.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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If you haven't registered yet, then now is the time to get on and be part of the team.

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Only a few weeks to go ...

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G'day all, just a heads up that I'll be performing the second stage of maintenance on the website in about 30 minutes time. This second stage is a big clean up as the Canvas server code has been co-located with the Canvas client code in their own repository. The Canvas service will be experimentally available to all registered Prime users as of the 23 release and will for the first time provide a means to collect user contributions and feedback. Exciting times!!

So, back to the maintenance bit, like before best case it'll be down for 2 minutes, worst case check back in 2 hours.

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So much has been happening that there's not enough time to post about things. We've been get a lot more familiarity on the CNC machine with one of our members doing some engravings for an artistic piece. We're continuing to build on the our 3D printer workshop but designing some custom additions to the Sunhokey i3 3D printers. Two additions that we've worked on our a cooling shroud around the hotend to virtually eliminate drooping plastic on long horizontal runs as well as an autobed levelling mechanism that does not include the crazy microswitch on the end of a servo motor.

We'll write up more detail about the custom additions on our blog in due course, but you if you're keen you can always checkout our git repos for the openscad designs.
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Whoa! What's this?! A notification that /me is about to perform maintenance on the website. Yes it's true. Best case it'll be down for 2 minutes, worst case check back in 2 hours.

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Awesome teardown from +Miles Goodhew. Hopefully he can breathe some life back into this baby!
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