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Devoted, Dad, Developer, Dork

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Hey tech friends and followers. If you've been contacted about the class-action lawsuit against TalentBin / Monster regarding the hidden/secret profile that they were selling, be aware that Dice is doing the EXACT same thing as TalentBin, yet there's no class-action lawsuit against Dice that I'm aware of (yet). I found proof of their practices, blogged about it, Dice reps read my blog and didn't refute any of my findings.

More details here:

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TL;DR: is scraping online resources to build inaccurate developer profiles about you, and making it available to paid customers on their platform, without your knowledge or consent.

I wrote up some thoughts on recent interactions with and some pesky recruiters who ended up being very helpful to let me peek at what paying customers on the Dice platform are seeing, and spotting several inaccuracies. Somehow the algorithms at Dice think I'm a qualified J2EE/C#/.NET programmer, among other things. I have no control over the content, no means to correct it, and had to request being blacklisted. Dice suggested I shut down all of my online profiles.

Hey everyone, I used Symfony 1.1 and 1.4 way back in the day and looking at Symfony 3 for a new project.

I'm curious if anyone can point me at any examples of a service bundle that saves something in a database and also pushes it to a third-party API... like a payment processor that saves state in your db and then sends data to a payment api, or an image processor that saves some details about a file upload in the database and then pushes the image to a CDN API, or something of that nature.

I've spent the afternoon looking through and can't quite find any examples of this.


Sorry if this has been asked before, but I've lurked and couldn't find any posts.

Since Google stopped working on CDE, I'd like to make it available to some students who have Chromebooks and learning simple web development (html/css/js). I'm curious if anyone has written up instructions for cloning Google's repo, building their own app, and loading it onto a Chromebook if Chrome's developer mode were enabled. I was able to side-load the ide/web/manifest.json through the Extensions page, but seems like much of the functionality (like cloning a git repo) doesn't work.

Thanks for any pointers.

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Relatively new Android dev; I'm stuck on styling a toolbar.

In the images below you'll see a red toolbar and a gray one. The red toolbar comes from my MainActivity, from which I have a navigation drawer which launches an activity using TaskStackBuilder and startActivityForResult()if a nav item is chosen. When that new activity is launched, the toolbar turns gray and I can't easily find any resources on how to style that next toolbar containing the up/back arrow.

I'm happy to add more code to this gist if someone can help:

the register activity's layout xml has no toolbar/appbar etc within it, and you can see from the screenshot below that it's getting a toolbar from somewhere, I just don't know how to style it using my styles.xml ... or can I only style it from my RegisterActivity code? (and if so, how?)

I can make the red/black toolbar have a gray background, no problem, and I want to keep the black text, which works just fine. Ultimately my goal is to have the second toolbar also have black text (and a black back arrow). I've tried many different text color attributes in my AppTheme in an attempt to set the text to some other color and not having any luck.
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Wrote up a review of the Google Pixel XL and a handful of accessories I've purchased with it from Amazon.

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Wrote a scraper to pull GitHub counter data dynamically into Google Spreadsheets using IMPORTDATA:

#python #flask #heroku #beautifulsoup

Pretty simple code, but also a pretty fun and useful way to get dynamic data into a Google Spreadsheet for tracking some metrics.

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If you're building an app with a news feed or activity feed, we now have an official (beta) Go library at
Since I've been out of Go for a little over a year, and wasn't really expert level at it in the first place, I'd love to hear any feedback while I work at cleaning it up over the next few months. Specifically, I need to improve some test coverage, making some things private that don't need to be public, and perhaps a little DRY work. I'd love to hear some feedback from people who are more versed at best practices than I am if there are glaring errors. Thanks!

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I built a thing! Well, technically I refactored a thing quite a lot, added testing, and still have some cleanup to do to exit a beta phase, but I built a thing...
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