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Ian D. Rossi
Bible student, Bible instructor, husband, dad, server infrastructure automation engineer (techie)
Bible student, Bible instructor, husband, dad, server infrastructure automation engineer (techie)

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This should be scaring us all.

Teens say they're addicted to technology. Here's how parents can help.

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Great write up on what's behind intermittent fasting

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Cholesterol. Debunked.

So, in summary, saturated fats:

- Increase your LDL levels, but they increase the large fluffy particles that are NOT associated with an increased risk of heart disease.
- Increase your HDL levels, which also compensates for any increase in LDL.
- Do NOT cause heart disease as made clear in all the above referenced studies.
- Do not damage as easily as other fats because they do not have double bonds that can be damaged through oxidation.
- Serves as a “clean-burning fuel” for your brain and mitochondria, producing far less damaging free radicals than sugars and nonfiber carbs.

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This is a fantastic demo and extremely valuable explanation of push-ups! This is my go-to.

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I wish I had time to write more about this...Active Isolated Stretching has been HUGE for me! I'm talking pain relief, flexibility, increased circulation and the list goes on. I wish I discovered it sooner. In short, stretching never did anything for me, the kind where you hold it for 30 seconds. With AIS you only hold it for 2 seconds at a time. More than that and the muscle starts to eccentrically contract, meaning it gets tighter, not more loose.

So if you ever felt like traditional stretching never really did much for you, go with your gut, it doesn't. Give AIS a try and see the difference.

This is the book I'm using:

It's a bit technical, but it's all there. There's another book that's got good reviews too. (Just ordered it!)

Please try it out and tell me what you think!

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This is a fantastic exercise. I modify it to conform to AIS (active isolated stretching). You do the lengthening (pushing up) movement for only 2 seconds at a time while exhaling. Rest for 2 seconds and do it again for about 10 reps. If you think you have an overbite, try this for awhile and then check your overbite again.

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What a great performance.
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