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how are you finding it - I've only just started reading and watching stuff
Im just off to watch the 5pm Hangout. Ive watched the week 1 videos and read up the first text. Hoping to catch up with the reading this weekend. So far all I seem to have done is chat about sci fi films
yes, will see you in there hopefully - about to last minute 'cram' and watch the videos - reading will happen later hopefully lol
I signed up for it. This turns out to have been a really bad week to start a course. I'm also doing the OLDSMOOC thing and have a had a bad week with that too. 
I think this will be very common Paul - I just read part of a blog post from it, and only a few hours scratching around the place I think this sums up a big issue: "This is still a bit over-whelming and I can still imagine the less self-confident student finding all these spaces over-whelming and being in an increased state of anxiety in case they 'missed something vital' in another space."
It's a steep learning curve, particularly in the cMOOC where you erm, make your own course. It's great in theory, and can be really engaging and rewarding in practice, but at first it just feels like first day at big school all over again. You need some strong motivation to keep going. 

FWIW, here are my thoughts on starting OLDSMOOC:
I had some doubts about how well watching a broadcast of a G+ hangout with 5 tutors would go, but this one has worked really well combined with the questions coming in from twitter . What did you think?
Yes, agreed - made a few notes - the Twitter stream worked well to some extent - although could get a bit too much. I like there were students providing additional resources, given the nature of the course I'd imagine this is as busy a chatter as you'd get. There was plenty of peer support and the Hangouts worked well like you say, although it's essential that speakers mute mics when not talking. Makes you realise with all the chatter in several places and blog posts that it is a great community, but also a big piece of work.  
I've signed up for the course, but my wife chose this week to give birth to our second son so I haven't had much time to do anything connected to it :-)
First things first David - huge congratulations :-)
Second things, why are you posting lol or considering even doing a course - you're needed elsewhere, and I'm not talking about the pub for a celebration drink ;-) Big congrats - hope you're all well. I reckon they will run this course again later, in time for your third probably.
Thanks Andrew, and you're right I probably shouldn't be posting but there's still a little quiet time before wife and son come home from the hospital ;-) 
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