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Im hovering between thinking it brilliant, to wondering if its a bit too "big brother" is watching 

Been having a lot of formatting issue submitting via turitin recently. Page breaks moving, image captions not where they should be. I've advised its probably best to save the final version as a pdf from word , check that is ok, then upload that version. What do others recommend? Its mixed content reports . Mainly text but images, figures and tables in there

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just in case anyone is thinking of a move down South (you'll need Courage though)*

Job Reference : SRF15508-R
Location : Whiteknights Reading UK
Closing Date : 17/02/2017
Live Date : 19/01/2017
Salary : £39,324 to £48,327 per annum

*poor beer reference 

In case you haven't seen the MOLE announcement turnitin is down on Saturday. I must admit I hadn't noticed the big red message till I got an update from the SHU blog

If anyone is looking to move in the direction of Leeds for whatever reason there are some scale 7 Learning Technologists Jobs being advertised. You'll have to find them yourselves though ;-)

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from our friends down the road. iPad loans for staff marking assessments 

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JISC guide to EMA updated supplier responses September 2016. I had an admittedly brief scan down turnitins responses and nothing stood out from our wish list . 

Anybody use the built in calendaring function in Blackboard MOLE? I believe its main drawback is lack of 2 way sync with Google Calendar where students have their timetables available via a link. However in our new degree the timetables are not available centrally so that is not an issue and it would give the lectures a top down view on what the students are supposed to be working to , when and what deadline . We would have to manually populate it but with just 6 subjects that is not so bad. Givne the way its taught, 1 days contact a week I've given it some serious thought as our default calendar. Just trying to get the 1 way feed to work in google. 

Any other Respondus users out there? I need help checking something and before you say anything, yes I know MOLE is down. Its settign it up with somethning else I need to check.
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