Local Shrine in Osaka, Japan (X100S)
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Quick snap with the X100S. Jpeg from camera, pushed +2/3

I've had the X100S for a couple of days now and I am enjoying it immensely. Here are some of my initial impressions and thoughts. Bear in mind that I don't have any experience with the X100.  I use the Nikon D90 as my main camera and was using the Ricoh Digital GRIII as my carry about. 

When I took it out of the box, I was surprised at the heft, even though I had held both the X100 and the X100S in shops. I guess hearing so much about the lightness, compared to DSLRs altered my expections plus my previous carry about was a compact camera.  I've gotten used to the weight and it feels almost just right, maybe a little heavy. 

Next is that it is already doing its job.  I bought it to document my life, taking snaps of my family and friends will probably take up 2/3 of its frames. Sounds crazy to use such a camera for snaps, but its something very important to me.  I have already taken shots that I wouldn't have been able to with my D90 or the GRIII.  Most people including my kids largely ignore the X100S.  If I whip out the D90 even with a 24 f2.8 there's a different dynamic.  Ergonomically the GRIII was great but its small sensor let it down.  I always felt I was fighting the camera to squeeze out the best image quality.  Especially indoors at high ISO, most times I came out on the losing side.  So much so I stopped carrying it with me.  

The X100S is really impressive in this regard.  ISO 2000 looks great, and I do find I need it a bit.  It's better than the D90.  And it isn't a noise factor, it is dynamic range.  Past 1000-1250 the D90 files looked sickly and unnatural even when properly exposed. 

Other thoughts, the manual focus ring still has the fly-by-wire limitations.  It is nowhere as responsive as a direct coupled lens.  The split image aid works but depending on what it's over, it can be equally hard to judge if the two halves line up. 

The AF-C mode on the other hand has impressed me so far.  For keeping the focus on a moving child's eye, it works as well as a DSLR. 

I heard stories about the slowness of the SD card handling but so far I can't see any issues.  I was about to buy a San Disk Extreme Pro but I'm not sure I need it. I am using an EyeFi card that is only rated Class 6. 

Oh, one piece of bad news, I have managed to freeze the camera once.  I had to take the battery out to solve the problem.  Switching off via the switch didn't have any effect.  I think it was because the AFS/AFC/MF switch was in a in between position when I took a photo. 

Feel free to ask my any questions.  And don't worry, I am intending on using it as a creative and professional tool as well.  Delighted to hear about LR4.4

[update: I realised that I should have mentioned that I am using RAW+Fine when talking about SD card performance.
And a few more shots:
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