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Local Shrine in Osaka, Japan (X100S)
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Quick snap with the X100S. Jpeg from camera, pushed +2/3

I've had the X100S for a couple of days now and I am enjoying it immensely. Here are some of my initial impressions and thoughts. Bear in mind that I don't have any experience with the X100.  I use the Nikon D90 as my main camera and was using the Ricoh Digital GRIII as my carry about. 

When I took it out of the box, I was surprised at the heft, even though I had held both the X100 and the X100S in shops. I guess hearing so much about the lightness, compared to DSLRs altered my expections plus my previous carry about was a compact camera.  I've gotten used to the weight and it feels almost just right, maybe a little heavy. 

Next is that it is already doing its job.  I bought it to document my life, taking snaps of my family and friends will probably take up 2/3 of its frames. Sounds crazy to use such a camera for snaps, but its something very important to me.  I have already taken shots that I wouldn't have been able to with my D90 or the GRIII.  Most people including my kids largely ignore the X100S.  If I whip out the D90 even with a 24 f2.8 there's a different dynamic.  Ergonomically the GRIII was great but its small sensor let it down.  I always felt I was fighting the camera to squeeze out the best image quality.  Especially indoors at high ISO, most times I came out on the losing side.  So much so I stopped carrying it with me.  

The X100S is really impressive in this regard.  ISO 2000 looks great, and I do find I need it a bit.  It's better than the D90.  And it isn't a noise factor, it is dynamic range.  Past 1000-1250 the D90 files looked sickly and unnatural even when properly exposed. 

Other thoughts, the manual focus ring still has the fly-by-wire limitations.  It is nowhere as responsive as a direct coupled lens.  The split image aid works but depending on what it's over, it can be equally hard to judge if the two halves line up. 

The AF-C mode on the other hand has impressed me so far.  For keeping the focus on a moving child's eye, it works as well as a DSLR. 

I heard stories about the slowness of the SD card handling but so far I can't see any issues.  I was about to buy a San Disk Extreme Pro but I'm not sure I need it. I am using an EyeFi card that is only rated Class 6. 

Oh, one piece of bad news, I have managed to freeze the camera once.  I had to take the battery out to solve the problem.  Switching off via the switch didn't have any effect.  I think it was because the AFS/AFC/MF switch was in a in between position when I took a photo. 

Feel free to ask my any questions.  And don't worry, I am intending on using it as a creative and professional tool as well.  Delighted to hear about LR4.4

[update: I realised that I should have mentioned that I am using RAW+Fine when talking about SD card performance.
And a few more shots:
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Thanks for the quick impression, please keep updating here :)

I have an X100, might switch to X100S by mid year
How is the AF in low light? Also, have you tried the different focusing points other than the center?
+Jang Choe Haven't tried it in really low light much. The shots at dusk were ok (1/27 sec, f2, ISO 2000).  Will update when I get a chance!
I use the other AF points almost as much as the center. I decided it was probably wiser to select my point, rather than lock and recompose especially using wide open aperatures.  And there's nothing to complain about.
Have you tried the focus peaking feature yet? Is it easier to manually focus with it? It's too bad you didn't have much experience with the X100 because I am curious how much better the X100S's manual focus is. 
+Jang Choe I've tried it briefly and I prefer it to split image. I think I'll continue to experiment between the two.
Lucky you. What would it take to have one shipped to the US?
+reza forushani There are probably some shipping services that would do it but I don't think it would be worth the hassle (esp. with warranty) and cost. Only a few more weeks and it will be available in most countries :)
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