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Hi everyone- I just wanted to take a second to ask for help. I am attempting to crowd-fund the deposit for Medical School, so I can begin to live my dream with my beautiful wife and children. If it's not too much to ask, would anyone be willing to either throw a few bucks towards it or share this link, just to keep it alive? Thank you so much! - Ian Brent, future doctor´╗┐
Hello. My name is Ian Brent, and I am trying to go to Medical School. This has been my dream for as long as I can remember, and it is so close to coming true! I have been accepted to St. George's University School of Medicine, and while this is a dream come true, it will force me to take out almo...
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Very expensive for pub food, bad location, and hidden charges (sides are extra, and if you order a beer you'll receive a 22 oz for $2.50 extra). Skip this and go to their original cold spring location, where you can at least walk around town after drinking.
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I just got my Volvo S40 back from THREE WEEKS of incompetency and excuse-making with these people. My car broke down on I-87 coming back from vacation, and because it was a pretty bad engine failure, It was recommended that it be towed to the nearest Volvo dealership, which happened to be Capital Volvo. From the get-go, there we issues. Over the course of 3 weeks, these people ordered incorrect parts THREE TIMES from warehouses all over the country. I was beginning to believe I'd never have my car back. Getting a hold of them someone during this time was borderline impossible, because the Dan Wissenbach, the service advisor who was handling my car, would NEVER CALL ME BACK. On the blue moon occasion I would get a hold of him, it was never good news. Either parts delays, more wrong parts or more things found "broken". To make up for this travesty in customer service, Capital Volvo offered to pay for a rental car for me. Fair enough. This turned out to be a lie, because even though I'd made it clear I had been on vacation (I live an hour and a half south of Albany), they still thought I was somewhere in the Capital region, and the only rental car they'd cover is from their office up there. Finally, after 3 weeks of waiting and 500 dollars later (my warranty was good to me), I finally convinced them to drive the car down to me after it was done. less than 24 hours later, my check engine light is on. 48 hours after that, my oil light is on whenever I idle. Now my car is making terrible whirring noises and I can't turn it back on for fear of grinding the engine down to nothing. NONE of this was an issue before I dropped my car with them. I had my oil changed before going on vacation. These idiots put my engine back together wrong, and now I'm looking at another 200 dollar deductible AT LEAST to replace an oil pump that had been never been a problem for me. In one last futile attempt I reached out to Capital Volvo, who told me this was my problem, and not at all related to anything they did (though this is a brand new problem less than 3 days old and 20 miles driven). Watch out for Dan who will promise you the moon and under-deliver, and Ed, who told me this was my problem.
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