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Another blog post: Hubot, Chat, The Web, and Working in the Open

Part of a general line of thought I've been thinking about: how can we work together more intimately and cooperatively?  
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I didn't find any reference in your article to the social implications of showing others one's mistakes. I suspect this will be a big hindrance in using such tools, but I hope eventually people won't care too much about this.
+Gloria W Admittedly in my own theorizing about this stuff I often focus on a positive and helpful team that is just trying to help everyone do the best they can.  Which of course is the kind of team I want to enable, so there's a certain reluctance to indulging the caginess and fear of team members.

That said, one general principle I have is that logs and recordings should be editable.  The "history is immutable" approach – which is a very common default – is bad IMHO.  Part of being a positive team is expecting that if people edit history it's for a good reason.  (And for instance I think bug trackers with editable comments are far more humane than immutable bug trackers.)  That might mitigate a lot of those fears.

Our version 0 of a log in Hotdish is appending things to an Etherpad document, so it fulfills some of this principle ;)
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