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Unlike most of the people who talk about Apple's manufacturing record, Chris has actually done some proper research. Here's a key point:

"When Apple does find any underage workers, here’s what happens; they are sent to school, fees paid and, this is the best bit, get paid the wage they would have been getting had they been working. The families are involved in the process at every step too."

Is there any other technology company doing the same? If there is, I've never heard of it.
I’ve seen quite a lot of people saying that Apple actively uses children to make iPads. It’s just not true. Problem is, with my background and who I tend to write for it’s assumed I’m a lay down and take it up the reality distortion field kind of guy. I’m not, but there’s no way I can convince some people of that. You can, of course, believe what you want, but I’ve spent the last few months researching Apple’s social responsibility record for a r...
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+Hamid Marc Afsharieh No need to apologise :)

I'm sure that's what Daisey was told. But, here's what SACOM said:

"SACOM has not met child labour at Foxconn plants in Chengdu and Zhengzhou. A researcher has heard of some marginal cases, student workers turning 16 worked at Foxconn in Chengdu. However, we haven’t met the child labour concerned and could not confirm. And I think the use of child labour at Foxconn is very unlikely."

SACOM is a Hong Kong-based group that authored a report called "iSlave: Behind the iPhone Foxconn Workers in Central China" which was highly critical of Foxconn working conditions. If child labour was a significant problem at Foxconn, SACOM would be documenting it.
Did you know the audits are paid for by Apple? And that it paid FLA $250,000 for membership as well, just recently?

I'm not saying Apple is evil, just this whole thing stinks. There is no credibility!
Of course, the audits are paid for by Apple. Who else should pay for them?

The SACOM quote I mentioned was directly from them, and within the last month.
I should add: I know Chris, whose post I linked to, very well. Hence my confidence in his journalism.
Don't take this the wrong way, I'm sure he's great guy, but is it possible for a mac journalist's judgement to be clouded in this regard? Being an editor for several mac publication tells me he may have a natural bias in favor of Apple.
You are, of course entitled to you opinion of how biased or otherwise I might be. I'm not, but you'll have to take me at my word on that. I'm not for a second suggesting that the situation at Foxconn and other places that make consumer tech is in some way perfect or that child labour doesn't happen, what I am saying is that where Apple finds children on the production line they are dealt with extremely well. Also, Apple has done lots to educate managers at Foxconn on how to avoid using child labour.

Paying for membership of the FLA is just part of the process, you aren't paying for their silence or favour, quite the opposite in fact. Having said that one of the charity people I spoke to used a cute saying: 'you don't make a pig fat by measuring it' meaning that the reports and investigations only go so far and more needs to be done. That said, everyone I spoke to praised Apple much more than other companies with HP up there too.

I think the most important point anyone made to me (as far as I'm concerned) was: You have to consider the whole supply chain and where bad practices are found that they are dealt with appropriately and not hysterically.

One more thing.... If you're worried that Apple isn't taking this seriously enough, they are and more so that others that use Foxconn. If you still don't buy it that's fine, but rather than turn this into a rehashing of my feature... if you want to contact me directly with other questions please feel free. and I'll try and assuage any concerns you have over my impartiality
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