Flu Vaccines.
In response to the bit about flu vaccines in the most recent podcast. In a past life I used to work on the development and testing of flu vaccines. Almost all vaccines are produced by growing the virus in embryonated hens eggs. There is a single US company that is licensed to grow the virus in a tissue culture of human embryonic cells. However, I don't think that this vaccine is used in the UK.

The virus is harvested from the eggs and inactivated. This used to either by heat or using a detergent, which dissociates the virus into various components. The protein that contains the antigen which causes the antibody response when injected into humans is then separated from the other gunge. This is then suspended in some sort of preservative which forms the vaccine.

So there is no possibility of catching flu from the virus. The reason that the effectiveness of the vaccine varies from year to year is because the antigens on the surface of the flu virus change every year, meaning that a new vaccine must be produced for each year.

This variation in the virus leads to variations in the effectiveness of the vaccine from year to year.
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