+Francis Ma posted last month about the new functionality in the Google+ mobile SDKs to allow Android and iOS developers to include a deep link in the shares from their applications. 

I'm really pleased to say that +Shazam have released the latest version of their apps on iOS with the ability to share to Google+. Now, when a user taps the link from a Shazam share in the Google+ iOS app they'll be taken straight to the Shazam app, or to the Apple App Store where they can install it.

If you're interested in adding deeplinking to your own app, there's much more in the developer docs for the Google+ mobile SDKs on both Android and iOS (http://goo.gl/8wSAr). To see deeplinks in action, install the Shazam app from the Apple App Store and give it a go (http://goo.gl/3clSK)!
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