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I have serious misgivings about iOS 6...

Supplanting Google Maps is a huge risk. The better option would be... include it as an option! Then watch and wait to see how users respond to it.
Apple is making a big mistake.

There are stories abounding on the web today about Apple deciding to take on Google on Maps and ultimately on Search. I think this is a really bad idea, and my latest article points out why. History tells us that you do not attack a strong business at their core strength. Apple and others have learned this lesson before, and it appears that in the absence of Steve Jobs, Apple is prepping to make this mistake all over again. 

I hope you like my latest...
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More fool them. Google are stepping into their field after doing all the research and planning, having let other companies with expertise in the area utilise their software and teach them - and now Apple are spooked. Their response is to lash back and try to get up in Google's face - but I don't think they're doing it right. 
Ok, as long as they don't block maps from the app store this is good for consumers. Having a challenger will force Google to keep innovating maps.
giggles How much more innovative do you want them to be +Michael Johnson ? They now have 3D maps and Wonders of the World maps, and StreetView and Gallery Tour and many more... Not to mention 8bit!
+Ian Atkin Thank you for the share. The historical premise I used was only a blip on history. What Apple is trying to do almost always fails, and usually is very damaging to the attempting company. It wont even matter if Apple does a better job, the inertia with Google is beyond any company's ability to stop. I was very tempted to talk about my own personal dealings with a little company called Netscape that felt they would "bury us" at Microsoft. I decided in the end to leave it out. 
Google Maps for iOS is fucking terrible. I used to use it on my Android and it worked but the lack of turn by turn direction on the iPhone makes the app worthless in my opinion. Sure, there are better alternatives in the App Store, but it sucks trying to use them since the default can't be changed. When I ask Siri to find some place for me for example, it is going to use Google Maps no mater what others I may have installed.

Based on those facts I welcome the change. I only hope it doesn't suck worse than what we have now. 

BTW: as I understand it, Google Maps will still be available in the App Store. It just won't be the default any longer.
+Randy Hudson Thanks for clearing that up. I use VZ Navigator for GPS, which given that it's a Verizon product, actually rocks quite hard. I guess I use maps occasionally, but it's not that critical. If I can still have it as a standalone app then I guess I can live with the change.
+Ian Atkin I also used VZ Navigator when I was a Blackberry Storm owner. It was the Google Maps GPS that got me to switch to Android in the first place. 
Perhaps +Gregor J. Rothfuss but it is pretty well known that  the agreement between Google and Apple to use their map data prohibited Apple for implementing turn-by-turn navigation, so no it wasn't Apple's choice
Anyway, I'm currently using Mapquest because it has free voice turn-by-turn, however it is not the best app, so I look forward to seeing what Apple comes up with. Maybe it will suck, or maybe it will be good. No way to know until I actually use it.
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