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Son has been singing all morning

Thank you #Lego  for producing a wonderful movie and video game. We really enjoy them. That said, not happy with this ear worm! Everything is awesome"
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Daily Shout Out - Green Hair Edition

Thank you must be given to +Michael Q Todd for sharing such an amazing circle.  

I am humbled to be in such company.

Thank you again!
The first ever #DailyShoutOut  circle.
This circle of people will give you an awesome variety of great posts in fact pretty much all you will need for a wonderful Google+ experience. 
I will explain more in a blog post later today but you will get an early  indication from this post here where I detail why several of these people rock.
From now I will be doing more and more daily shout outs and will republish this circle with several more superstars in a few weeks.
For now these are folk that I have either already included in shout outs or will during the coming week.
Get the best Google+ social media information, great photos and gifs, Google+ events and news and much more by checking out this circle first when you log in.
It will be worth your while I guarantee.
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Ian Archibald

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Daughtering Creature

Having fun with some photo editing.
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Children are so beautiful!
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Ian Archibald

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Meanwhile - on my way home

How was your ride home today?
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Ian Archibald

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Social Site Status Checks

I was visiting with +Andrew Pedersen recently, and he showed me a website that shows the current online status of various websites, such as Facebook, Tumblr, Gmail etc.

A neat little website to consider bookmarking for future use.

Do you have a site bookmarked that performs a similar task?
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Ian Archibald

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King is DEAD! And other exciting news

Summary of Episode 2 of Game Of Thrones

Hands up. Who expected this in episode 2? I figured it would be early in this season (should have been last year in my opinion) but not episode 2. More on this later.

What I did figure was that this would continue on with the stories on the characters that weren't touched on last week.  You know, Theon Reek with his new best mate Ramsey.  Stanis and his bunch of merry men and some red witch. And who can forget Prince Warg...i mean, Bran with Hodor the human tri-pod.

Let's start this recap with Bran.  Bran changed his skin into Summer, his Direwolf and chased down a defenseless deer.  With the exception of not having any mint jelly, it would appear that Summer Bran liked it.  All was well in Bran's world until Hodor proclaimed "HODOR"  Which from all I have learned means "Bran, wake the f*&k up, you're scaring me" (I can speak Hodorish). Bran awakens, and Jojen rambles on to Bran not to stay as Summer for too long, as he may forget to come back. Forgetting his friends and family and a bunch of other time filler. After a good pout, they continue on their quest to find something, somewhere.  

Suddenly, they come across a Heart tree, complete with face, just like the one in the Godswood near Winterfell.  Bran commands Hodor to place him at the tree. Bran does his best Undertaker (21-1 BTW) impression - touches the tree and has a vision.  After a couple of seconds, Bran knows exactly where to go.  Conveniently,  this will cut off a significant portion of their journey which I couldn't see how HBO were going to make interesting enough for TV.  Thanks Bran.

The Dreadfort - My Name is Reek, It Rhymes With Weak

Show of hands. How many of you have hunted young girls in dresses before for sport? We're not talking about going down to the local ballet with a fist full of singles, or to the local meat market with hopes of scoring that blonde at the end of the bar.  Ramsey "I am a Bolton" Snow, and his unknown to me, girlfriend named Miranda are on the hunt for some young girl. I assume the game is "you run, and if you make it out of the woods, you can live". It's a game that's fun for the whole family.  Reek in tow, shaking, and scared (and out of the gene pool - no squidlets for you Greyjoy) after being flayed, watches on as Miranda (who?) proclaims that Ramsay thinks the hunted girl is cuter than she.  The reward for not making it out of the forrest was to become up close and personal with Ramsey's bitches.  More yums!  

Death count 1.

A little while later, we find Ramsey's father coming home, and finding his prized possession, Theon, flayed and broken. Disappointing news to Daddy since his plan was to offer Theon back to the Iron Born in exchange for Moat Cailin, a stronghold without which Bolton cannot truly hold the North. Ramsey demonstrates rather effectively that even in this broken state, Theon Reek, who knows his name, will still be effective.  Daddy tells Ramsey to retake Moat Cailin.  Best of luck!

Side note Just how much gold did Roose Bolton get for marrying that Walda Frey?  Her weight in gold wasn't it? The Iron bank could take a loan from him now.  I was touched when Ramsey called her Mom.  Ahhhh!

Dragonstone - It's Ser on The Bar-b

Marshmallows were out in Dragonstone as those evil infidels  including Ser Axell Florant (Stanis' wife Selyse's brother) and 2 others find themselves being burned at the stake because they wouldn't renounce their old gods. Axcell must have been an absolute right foul git for Selyse to be so happy about her brother melting away in the way that chocolate melts in a pot. Woot for  R’hllor

Death count to 4.

Imagine being the caterer for this dinner. What exactly do you serve at a  Husband-Wife-Mistress dinner party? I bet it isn't freshly cooked brother! 

Selyse is concerned about their daughter, Princess Shireen who must be another infidel since she has greyscale and all.  Our little princess is questioning her mother's beliefs, and who is upset about her uncle being burned - Melisandre visits her, and tries to convince her about the Lord of Light.  This group dynamic just keeps getting more and more weird by the moment.

Kings Landing - Where the party is

Lots happening here.  First, Jamie admits to Tyrion that he can not fight with his left hand.  Tyrion suggests that he suck it, and offers Jamie someone who can help him.  The book refers to Ser Illyn Payne being Jamie's instructor, but for TV we will forgo that tongue-less wonder, and step in Bronn.  I guess TV audiences like him better?  Does this mean we're not quite done with Bronn yet?  I do like his wit.

Varys makes an appearance. Thank goodness. Even if it was just for a quick dialog with Tyrion, and a few well placed camera shots throughout the remainder of the episode - Where is Little Finger? 

Why was Varys talking with Tyrion? Dear Shae has been found out.  Varys let's Tyrion know this.  Tyrion, later does well to honor his vows to Sansa, and tries to break it off with his newly titled "Whore" Shae, who doesn't give a crap about what might happen.  Tyrion has Bronn escort her to a ship to take her away from Kings Landing.  

Did she make it? Who knows? We believe so. Her crying was touching Gag spit

What we do know is that Lord Tywin upon learning about Shae, insists on speaking with the little whore.  Should be interesting to see how this all plays out. Did she make the ship? Bronn double cross Tyrion? Tywin get his way?  We'll see.  I know the direction I would like to see it. Evil Grin - a la book!!

How's Joffrey you ask? It's getting close to his wedding day with dear sweet Margaery.  Or is it? Holy shit, are they married? What the? There's still half an episode left, are they're going to do it now? Today? This episode? The famed Purple Wedding?  

We see Joffrey and Margaery in the sept having made their bond (Criss cross apple sauce) and later receiving tokens of love and affection from people, including a stunning new sword made of Valerian Steel from Lord Tywin. The brother to the one that Jamie received last week. Joffery quickly uses this sword on a book that Tyrion and Sansa gave the little shit. "This is a book that all Good kings should read".  In true Ginsu knife like fashion, King brat cleaved the book into many pieces.  Effective.  

Dead book count - 1.

At this point, you're thinking that they must break this into 2 episodes, but they just don't leave. The wedding reception is next showing all the notables. Lady Olena, Prince Oberon, Varys, and pretty much all the main characters who are in Kings Landing.

Oberon and his consort Ellaria having a rather entertaining conversation with Cercei and Tywin. There's Cercei being her usual Royal Bitchness to nearly everyone, Jamie and Ser Loras Tyrell exchange some brotherly love. You know, they kind that only Jamie would give someone who is betrothed to his Twincest sister. Ah, give us a big hug!

There were a number of interesting things that did happen.  Who caught Lady Olena? Did you see what she did when she invited Sansa to Highgarden?  If you haven't read the books, watch the episode again, and watch very closely. You will miss something important.  Was very well done indeed. I had to watch it several times before I saw it.  Slick!

One semi-important event as part of the reception was a bunch of little people (is that PC?) who perform "The battle of the kings" (Rob, Stanis, etc). Quite a funny skit, unless your last name isn't Lannister. If it isn't Lannister,  you likely found it rather insulting and in very poor taste!   It concludes with King Little Shit's suggestion that Tyrion join them, as they likely have another costume. Tyrion one ups Joffery by suggesting that he use his brand new blade and show them just how fierce he was during the war.  Surely you remember, how mommy wanted to see suckle him and he ran to her, leaving Tyrion to right the ship?

Joffrey didn't appear to like that, and took out his anger on poor smart mouthed Tyrion. Made Tyrion his cup bearer for the duration of the event.  Most of the time this would be a great honor bestowed on someone. But not Tyrion. Joffery made an absolute farce out of it. Taking out years of frustration on "The Imp". Dropping his cup and kicking away from Tyrion when he bent over to pick it up.  Quite the intense exchange. If you didn't already, you hate Joffery, and sympathize with Tyrion.

Luckily Margaery took it upon herself to break this battle by announcing that the cake has arrived.  This was one of those kingly cakes that have birds that fly out when the cake is cut.  Joffery brings out his brand new valerian steel blade and with a mighty thrust - cleaved the cake in half.  Who saw the dead bird fall out?  Watch the scene again in slo-mo. It's only there for 1/4 of a second.  We swear we saw a bird fall out.  According to history, this is a bad Omen.

Dead bird count - ~1

What happens next was stunning, and Jack Gleeson deserves some serious applause for his work as Joffery.  Now, things moved pretty quick. Joffery is handed the first plate of cake as everyone else is receiving theirs. Handed to him by his new bride.  Within a few seconds, Joffery returns to his new game of picking on poor Tyrion.  Demanding a glass of wine from his cup barer to wash down this dry cake.  Within seconds, it was all over. Joffery began to choke, turned red, and collapsed. Lady Olena shouted "someone help your king". Cercei ran to Joffery, as did Jamie.  Poor King Son of Incest died in the loving arms of his parents. Cercei and Uncle Daddy. Did you also catch during all this that Ser Dontos pleading with Sansa that she leave with him immediately?  Did she go? We'll see.

The scene returns to dead Joffery, and Queen Cercei decrees that Tyrion has killed her son, and instruction the guards, Jamie, and anyone else that will listen that they need to seize Tyrion.

Final Totals
Death count = 5. 
Dead main characters - 1.
Boob count = 0

So, who killed King Joffery?  That is a mystery.  Let us know below what you thought, and who you think killed the little royal pain in the ass?
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I hope sansa escaped...cuz after this would be hell for her
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Hoppy Easter

What's on your menu today?
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happy easter
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Kiddo had a great day at bowling today

Wyatt continuing his rise up the rankings in his bowling league. Last week qualifying for Provincials. Today was given a few awards.

• Bowler Of The Month
• Doubles Champion
• House Champion

Congratulations Kiddo!
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Community Rallys and Gives Boy His Funeral Wish

What an amazing story.  RIP Jack. You're always going to be a Jedi in our eyes!
Little Jack Robinson just wanted a visit from favorite celebs and a Star Wars sendoff. He got it all.
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How heartwarming!!
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In Case You Missed It

My Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

#GameOfThrones   #GoT   #PurpleWedding  
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