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Ian Anderson Gray

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Twitter users can now add their Periscope links to their profiles

I'm not a great Periscope user or anything, but I do like to keep my Twitter profile up to date!

Thanks +Ana Hoffman for keeping us up to date as usual! :-)

#T #TW
Twitter users can now add ‘View on Periscope’ links to their web profiles

To link your Periscope profile, click on “Edit Profile” on Twitter, then check the “Show My Periscope Profile” option.

Once implemented, when you go live on Periscope, the “View on Periscope” text will change to “LIVE on Periscope,” allowing other Twitter users to quickly watch your live broadcasts.


Stay on top of marketing news #MarketingSkinny

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Ian Anderson Gray

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Check out this MEGA post on Over 100 Internet Business Ideas by my friend +Ashley Faulkes. Just oozing with goodness including:

- blogging
- writing
- teaching
- digital and physical products
- services
and much more!

#socialmedia #business #blogging #FTL


Need some ideas for your next online business or how to make money online?

This Guide is The Biggest And Most detailed of it's kind- giving you ideas from
- blogging
- writing
- teaching
- digital and physical products
- services
and much more...

This post has over 100 ideas, including useful resources and tips from 50+ business owners like
+Mike Allton +Brent Jones +Andrea Beltrami +Ian Anderson Gray 
+Foundr Magazine Nathan Chan, +NinjaOutreach David Schneider
+Dennis Seymour  +Adam Connell +Cat Neligan +Rebekah Radice +Brittany Bullen  +Marianne Manthey +Cara Chace  +Kristi Hines +Chris Hodgeman +Maddy Osman +Kirsty Stuart +Doug Cunnington +Brent Galloway +Sarah Santacroce +Jason Quey +Danny Ashton +Brandon Schaefer +Kelly Hungerford +Ron Sela +Jase Rodley +Diana Marinova +Tor Refsland +Daniela Uslan +Nicky Pasquier +Tom Southern +uttoran sen +Ann Smarty +Sue Anne Dunlevie +Tim Soulo +Alex Pirouz +Julie Mason +Kurt Frankenberg +Pre-K Pages #businesstips #onlinemarketing #bloggingtips 
Find your next online business idea. Over 100 ideas with details, resources and expert tips to help you succeed online.
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thanks +Ian Anderson Gray 
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Ian Anderson Gray

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Want to Broadcast with Facebook Live using your Computer?

Would you like to stream live from your computer to your Facebook profile, group or page?
Would you like to have slick transitions between multiple cameras, pre-recorded videos, images and be able to share from your screen?

How about doing this for free?

I've been grumbling about the fact that I still don't have Facebook Live enabled on my Facebook profile. It appeared on my page a month back, but not on my profile.

I have found a way of doing this for free using a tool called OBS. It also allows me to stream to my Facebook profile.

I go through all the steps in this article.

#SocialMedia   #Facebook   #ns   #facebooklive  
Use Facebook Live on your profile, page or group: Broadcast on Facebook Live > Want to use Facebook Live from your Computer? …On your Facebook Profile, Page or Group? I still don’t have Facebook Live on my Facebook profile. I’ve … Continued
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+Mauro DJ MAXXKERENDON where do you want to broadcast from, a page or profile? Or somewhere else?
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Ian Anderson Gray

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What Characteristics do you need to be a Great Social Media Marketer?

Is there a magic personality or skill that you need to be a great social media marketer?

In this article from eClincher 11 marketers give their take on the most important characteristics.

+Neal Schaffer says he thinks "the most prominent habit is being able to focus". I'd agree with him on that one... err what were we talking about? Sorry, bad joke! Seriously being able to focus is very important and not getting too distracted with all the shiny new toys!

+Jenn Herman says it's the "true understanding of customer service".

+Neil Patel said "Consistency".

+Ted Rubin mentioned "Looking People in the Eye Digitally".

The characteristic I came up with was having "attention to detail".

Probably my favourite one was from +Rob Zaleski who said "The best social media marketers make a habit of getting away from their desk". Not a skill you'd expect, but one that is vital if we're not all to lose all hope of creativity.

Which means, once you've read the article, you're going to go off for a walk and take a break! ;-)

#SocialMedia #SocialMediaMarketing #TFL #FB
Social media marketers are not all created equal. Some possess specific skills and habits that set them apart. We asked 11 experts to identify what they are.
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Thanks for the mention Ian. Make it a great weekend! #RonR... #NoLetUp!👊🏻 
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Ian Anderson Gray

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My Digital Toolbox - Over 150 tools, apps and gear that I regularly use

Since launching Seriously Social 5 years ago I've done an insane amount of research into the best tools and apps to boost my effectiveness and productivity. I've also tried to find the best gear to help me along the way. It's not just about what is best, it's also what is affordable and what will bring a good return on investment.

Here is my list. Now, over to you. What tools, apps and gear could you not do without?

‪#‎tools‬ ‪#‎socialmedia‬ ‪#‎socialmediatools‬
Over the years I've spent countless hours researching the best tools, apps and gear to manage my business. Here is a list of all of them!
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Ian Anderson Gray

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How to Choose the Ideal Social Media Management Tool

A video guide.

Have you picked your perfect tool?
There are so many tools out there that promise to solve all your problems!

You may have heard of the likes of Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Agora Pulse or Sendible, but how on earth do you work out which is the right one for your business?

How do you make the decision without spending a ridiculously large amount of time, money and brain power?

Most people just give up and sign up for one of the most well known tools.

Sometimes that can work, but more often than not, many people will find that the tool doesn’t actually help them with their needs. But that’s after countless hours of time and a lot of money. What a waste! Not exactly a good return on investment.

I’m on a mission. This needs to change!

I want to make the decision easier for you and that’s why I put this video together on how to pick the ideal Social Media Management Tool.

#socialmedia   #socialmediatools   #SMMT   #SeriouslySocial   #ns  
Have you picked your perfect tool? There are so many to choose! In this video, I go through all that you need to know before choosing the perfect tools.
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Hi +Iulian Dumitraşcu - glad you're interested in the topic. What did you have in mind? 
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Ian Anderson Gray

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I don't really have a cold, or anything proper, but I still feel really under the weather today.

My sinuses are blocked and my head feels like mush! It makes working difficult!
The problem is you can't really give a name to it. It could be a mild virus or something, but I'd really rather like to give it a name.
Any thoughts on what I should call it? Needs to sound impressive. Oh, and it's not man flu!

Nicholas Cardot's profile photoIan Anderson Gray's profile photoWalter Imai's profile photo
Could be cold virus, allergy, physical environmental, crud, or all of the above.
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Ian Anderson Gray

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Social Warfare bug?
Hi +Nicholas Cardot,
Hope you're well.
Where is the best place to submit a bug or ask for support for Social Warfare? Hope you don't mind me contacting you here.

I'm having issues with adding social media images on a post. The images seem to be aligned at the bottom right. I can't click on the edit or delete buttons because the edit/delete buttons disappear when I try and hover over them (probably because they only show up when I hover over the image which is to far down on the right).

Have you seen this problem before? Is there a way to fix it?

Dustin W. Stout's profile photoNicholas Cardot's profile photoIan Anderson Gray's profile photo
Thanks so much for that detailed reply, +Nicholas Cardot - very helpful and it makes sense.
Since I posted this it looks like I did upgrade to 2.0.6 and it looks much better - at least I can click the edit and delete buttons. The images look zoomed in a little now if everything, but it's not a big deal other than that.

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Ian Anderson Gray

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My 150+ Top Tools, Apps & Gear

Over the years I've spent rather too much time researching the best tools, apps, plugins, services and gear. All of this of course was in the bid to become more productive and efficient. Of course, I have to admit, I rather enjoy the research- I am a geek after all!

So, what are your favourite apps, tools and gear? I'd love to know!

#socialmedia #tools #FTL #P
Over the years I've spent countless hours researching the best tools, apps and gear to manage my business. Here is a list of all of them!
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Ian Anderson Gray

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What are the Top Social Media Trends for 2016? The Experts Weigh In

It's usually hard to predict the future, but if you live and breathe something then you are far more likely to see what's happening on a micro and macro level.

That's why I love to hear what different people think is going to happen. This article was put together by +Robin Strohmaier and is a fascinating read.

Whatever happens, I definitely agree that live streaming is going mainstream this year. Looks like I am going to have to get to like Periscope (and get over feeling like I am talking to myself!)

#SocialMedia #SocialMediaMarketing #TFL
Experts Weigh In: Top Social Media Trends for 2016
After recently completing a new website for a client, I was asked one of the top questions I often hear, How can social media help my business grow

To discover what the key social media trends and strategies are to help businesses grow in 2016, I reached out to experienced social media marketing professionals with my question, 

*What do you see as the top social media trends for 2016?*

I am thrilled to include their insights below on what the emerging trends are and what the social media landscape may look like in 2016.

To read the full post, please see:

To save it for later:

A huge thank you to each and every one who contributed to this post! I am honored that you shared your insights!
+Mike Allton 
+Jenny Brennan 
+Mandy Edwards 
+Juan Felix 
+Heidi Garland 
+Ian Anderson Gray 
+Jennifer Hanford 
+Sheila Hensley 
+Jenn Herman 
+Ray Hiltz 
+Ana Hoffman 
+Dorien Morin-van Dam 
+Michelle Phillips 
+Sara Nickleberry 
+Rebekah Radice 
+Mark Schaefer 
+Brooke B. Sellas 
+martin shervington 
+Ravi Shukle 
+Michael Stelzner 
+Dawn Swick-Renshaw 

#SocialMediaMarketing   #socialmediatips   #socialmediastrategy  
What social media trends will help to ignite the growth of your business in 2016? Learn what 21 social media professionals have to say.
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Love your intro to the post, +Ian Anderson Gray! Thank you so much for your contribution and for sharing it here!
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Ian Anderson Gray

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Here's yesterday's Carol of the Day!

In case you didn't already realise it's not long until Christmas. So I thought I'd start something new - a game of Name that Carol!.

I'll be singing a Christmas carol each day and you need to work out which one it is. The only complication is that I'll be singing the bass line.

I started this on Facebook yesterday, but I didn't want you lovely G+ people to miss out, so here is yesterday's carol. I'll post the answer with my wife +Helen Gray and I singing the full first verse later.


#Christmas #Carol #Music #Singing #ns
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Ian Anderson Gray

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Want to Become a Social Media Guru? Read this!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I last shared with you the secrets to becoming a social media guru.

In it, I shared some top tips on how you can climb to the giddy heights of social media guru stardom!

It’s not about hard work or learning so-called best practices. It’s not about gaining leads, customers or sales or being authentic either!
Being a social media guru is all about quick fixes, short term goals and most of all about you!

Remember, this is a magic art- taught at the University of Middle Earth. Don’t share these secrets with anyone else.
Ready to get started? Let’s begin…

If however, you’re confused… whatever you do…
Don’t press the big button in the article! 😉

Here are my 9 Steps...

1. Be a Reposting Ninja (Don’t forget the Penguins)
2. SEO: Write for Robots not Humans
3. Learn the LinkedIn Power Techniques
4. Look Down on Those with Lower Social Stats
5. Be a Stats Rock Star
6. Block Criticism & Attack Others Openly Online
7. Always Quantity, Never Quality
8. Be Inauthentic: Never be Yourself
9. Forget Local or the World- THINK GALACTIC!

#SocialMedia  #Ironic #Humor #Humour  
Want to become a social media guru? Then follow the tips in this guide! If you'd like to be effective however, just do the opposite!
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