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Fancy winning a free ticket to The Big Social Media Conference in Manchester?

There’s a big social media conference coming to the UK this year, and it’s called…. wait for it… The Big Social Media Conference! Basically, it is what it says “on the tin”! I can’t tell you how excited I am about it- not just because it’s happening in my home town or because I am speaking at it (although I am so excited about both those reasons). There are actually many reasons why I am so looking forward to it, and why I think you should be excited about it too.

I have news for you, it’s not too late to attend and if you read on you even have a chance to win one of two free tickets for the 2-day conference worth £375+VAT.
All you need to do is make sure that you can attend the conference dates, share a tweet and let me know why you’d like to attend. I’ll then get some independent judges to whittle down the list to 10 and randomly select 2 winners. You’ll need to do this by Sunday 28th. I’ll announce the winner on Monday the 29th.

I got so much out of Social Media Marketing World back in March, and I wanted to share why attending a conference like SMMW or The Big Social Media Conference. So, I wrote 7 reasons and wrote an article about it!

#SocialMedia   #Conference   #SMMW   #BigSocial   #manchester   #TL   #TW  
7 Reasons to Attend the Big Social Media Conference
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Ian Anderson Gray

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How to Reignite Your Social Media Audiences

How do you get your voice heard in the sea of noise? How do you reignite your social media audiences?

This week, I gave a talk this week at a Creative Pro Manchester breakfast event called “Porridge and Knowledge”. Although there wasn’t any actual porridge on offer there were some rather lovely pastries!

In my talk, I told a story of how effective use of social media turned me into a massive advocate of the Rare Tea Company. We then travelled back back in time to 50BC to discover the birth of Social Media!.You might think social media is a relatively new phenomenon- created by the likes of Facebook and Twitter. However, I argued that only the medium or technology has changed. Humans have interacted socially for millenia- not just on a personal level- but on a business level too. The medieval market place was the central place for goods and services to be bought and sold- and it was done on a social level.

The rise of mass media at the start of the 20th century (with radio, newspapers and then TV) changed things radically- the message to the masses was communicated from the few in power. The return of social media at the start of the 21st century allowed a return to the way humans have always interacted- allowing many to communicate to many. The only difference is that it is done much more quickly and on a global level.

I also explain why I am NOT a guru or an expert, and how +Ralph M. Rivera came to the rescue with a lovely article to back me up.What do you think about the word "guru" or "expert"?
#SocialMedia  #TFL
Knowledge and Porridge How do you get your voice heard in the sea of noise? How do you reignite your social media audiences? I gave a talk this week at a Creative Pro Manchester breakfast event called “Porridge and Knowledge”. … Continued
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Ian Anderson Gray

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Reigniting social media audiences
In the +Manchester Evening News 

I had the privilege and pleasure of speaking at the Creative Pro Manchester breakfast event this morning "Knowledge and Porridge" at Savills.

Great event. No actual porridge on offer but some amazing pastries! Yum!I was speaking on how you social media isn't exactly new- you can go back to Roman times and see how people used to write on each other's walls. I have to recommend +Tom Standage's book "Writing in the Wall- Social Media the last 2,000 years" for more looking at the history.

After the mini travel back in time, we looked at where we are today and how we can get our voice heard and reignite our audiences. Basically through communicating your story- your passion, being human, and embracing complaints.

It was all a lot of fun! And what I didn't realise was that the Manchester Evening News were going to write about it in this news story!


Oh and thanks to +Alisa Meredith for reminding me to post to Google+!
The breakfast meeting, held at Savills on Booth Street, saw social media guru Ian Anderson Gray tackle some of the key questions around the future of social media.
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Haha, you're welcome. And big congrats, +Ian Anderson Gray !
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Ian Anderson Gray

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Hi everyone!
Sorry for the long silence, it has been a busy time. But I have some developments with Twools and wondered if any of you would be happy to test?

The RSS feeds have never been totally valid RSS feeds, but most RSS readers have read them without issues. Some, however refuse. So, I've worked on making Twools produce completely valid RSS feeds. Part of the issue was the way Twitter outputs the date and time of tweets very strangely. Also, technically the <author> tag in RSS feeds should be an email address, and validators complain when you put a Twitter screen name in it.

So, I've fixed the date/time issue and I've moved the screen name to a <dc:creator> tag which makes the RSS validators happy.

But, most importantly, I've improved caching!
Before, Twools cached the response from the Twitter API. This meant that Twools saved the response to the cache as a json file. If the cached file already existed it would still have to work on the file each time the feed was reloaded. This caused a lot of overhead and was quite slow. I've now made Twools cache the resultant RSS feed which improves things quite considerably.

If you could test it, please do. Firstly, locate the generateRSS.php file (which should be in /wp-content/plugins/twools/home/incs/) and rename it to generateRSS.old. Then upload this file in its place:

Finally, some of you were looking at a way to display all the current "burned" feeds- or the feeds in the cache. If you're looking at doing that, then could you try uploading the following file to your /wp-content/plugins/twools/home/ folder:
Then load it in your browser. It should be something like
This will show you all your current cached feeds.

Let me know what you think!

I hope to make a few other changes before I push this out for version v.0.12.0 including fixing the Twitter DM cleaner.
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Great improvements, Ian!
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Ian Anderson Gray

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Microsoft Hyperlapse video at the RNCM

I've been playing with the new beta version of Microsoft Hyperlapse for Android. 
Finally I can play with a time-lapse app with image stabilisation. I took this today at the Royal Northern College of Music. Not the best, but it's a start. 
What do you think? 
#hyperlapse #android #microsoft #timelapse #video
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Ian Anderson Gray

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Looking forwards to chatting with +Wade Harman on the Relationship Marketing Show tomorrow

I had come across Wade on the interweb many times before, but it wasn't until I met him at Social Media Marketing World back in March that I really connected with him. He's an awesome guy and we had quite a few interesting (and deep) chats when were there.

But, nearly 2 months have passed and I've not had the chance to have a proper chat with him. All that changes tomorrow at 11am ET and 4pm UK time when I'm a guest on his Relationship Marketing Show.

Hope you can make it too!

#SocialMedia   #SocialMediaMarketing   #SeriouslySocial   #Video   #TFL  
Being Real on Social
Be Mindful of the New Time
This week I'll be joined by +Ian Anderson Gray, a guy I met at SMMW, where we continued to have some very deep conversations about authenticity and the importance of it.  

I may or may not have divulged some mistakes that I have to Ian, and we'll see if those come out in the show.  This will be more of a conversation between Ian and myself to talk about the importance of being who you really are on social media.  

Find Ian here:


Get a free sneak peek at the new Relationship Manifesto here:

Head over to the iTunes channel:

If you have any way engaged with this event I will be putting you in an invitation circle.  If you would like to opt out, please let me know!

#socialmediatips   #socialmediamarketing   #authenticity  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Wade Harman. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Being Real On Social
Thu, May 14, 11:00 AM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Looking forward to it +Ian Anderson Gray​
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Ian Anderson Gray

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Have you got a Visual Stragegy for marketing your brand? Here are 20!

+Andrea Beltrami does it again. Not only is this article been beautifully put together (I love her use of fonts, the typography, the colours and the layout) but she has hand picked 20 great strategies for marketing your brand visually. It's well worth checking out. I tell you, I learnt so much in just a couple of minutes.

#ContentMarketing   #SocialMediaTools   #SocialMedia  #TL
20 visual marketing strategies that will help you reap the rewards that come with visually communicating with your audience. This is a visual marketing resource that leaves no stone left unturned!
Andrea Beltrami's profile photoHitesh Sahni's profile photo
Great Stuff +Andrea Beltrami I didn't know I am missing out on so many ideas. I'd also like to add one more piece into this mix of strategies - creating a stunning visual experience for your website/blog visitors.

Although I have carefully studied your list of 20 strategies and I am sure this point wasn't stressed enough, pardon me if you think this was already covered :-) 

When people visit your website, you have about 5 seconds max to to leave an impression before they make a decision of whether to leave or stay depending upon two main factors – content and design. Having a good eye for design and grasping some basic principles can help create a visually stunning web property.

I have written about this in detail here:

Kudos again for the initiative you took to bring us these ideas :-)
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Ian Anderson Gray

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Win a Free Brandtastic Blogover from the wonderful +Andrea Beltrami!

There's something exciting happening and that is a cool giveaway from the Queen of Brand herself, +Andrea Beltrami! Head on down for your chance to win a logo, website, hosting, maintenance and 5 blog posts!

What are you waiting for?!  
Win a FREE Brand-Freaking-Tastic Blog Makeover

How would you like a new logo & website, free hosting and blog maintenance on top of 5 custom blog posts written specifically for you?

Did I hear a 'hell yeah' slip out??

+Sue Anne Dunlevie, +Daniela Uslan and I have joined forces to put together one gargantuanly EPIC blogger giveaway.

The winner will receive…

➽A brand new Premium Genesis Theme ($99)
➽Complete blog site makeover or a brand new site ($750)
➽A one on one consultation with Sue of Successful Blogging to choose your domain name, custom palette, and theme ($175)
➽A logo graphic package from Dre at The Branded Solopreneur, including a new logo, a submark (i.e. logo for watermarking), and custom social media icons ($750)
➽A blogging strategy session & 5 custom-written blog posts by Daniela at ($600)
➽A year of hosting and domain name by Bluehost (worth $87)
One month of blog maintenance from WP Radius ($37)

Enter for your chance at winning this amaze-balls blog branding package:

Goodluck, I can't wait to dive in with the winner!...

#bloggingtips #bloggingforbusiness #smallbiz #smallbusinessmarketing
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Have I told you how awesome you are lately! ;) Thanks again for all the love, brotha! 
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Ian Anderson Gray

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Being Authentic - The Coal Miners' Guide to Selling Yourself

A wonderful story with great advice from +Wade Harman on being authentic from a coal mining point of view- to how you should be yourself online and selling yourself.

Definitely worth a read!

#SocialMedia   #Authenticity   #TFL  
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Ian Anderson Gray

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Talking Tools on the +Manly Pinterest Tips Show

There was a lot of excitement when scheduling tool, +Buffer announce they were integrating with Pinterest. +Jeff Sieh together with myself and +Alisa Meredith discussed the pros and cons of using Buffer with Pinterest, why it was such welcome news and the potential pitfalls of using it

#Pinterest   #SocialMedia   #SocialMediaTools   #SS   #SP  
Tool Talk - Buffer For Pinterest

Today's episode is all about tools…social media tools.  This week social media professionals +Alisa Meredith from Scalable Social Media and +Ian Anderson Gray from Seriously Social stop by to discuss the new feature of scheduling +Pinterest pins with the popular +Buffer app.

Discussion includes the pros and cons of scheduling your pins as well as the proper use of scheduling tools for social media in general.

Click here to watch/listen:

#ManlyPinterestTips   #Pinterest   #SocialMediaTools  
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Ian Anderson Gray

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How does Social Media Boost your Business Intelligence?

Social Media Data monitoring and analysis tool, +Brandwatch has put a really interesting article together which compiles the thoughts of 10 people on how social media can boost your social media intelligence.

We all know social media is a powerful tool, but in what way can it help your business grow, or increase the "intelligence" of your business? With so many more conversations happening publicly on social media and with powerful monitoring tools like Brandwatch giving us some help with the data, it's now possible to find out more about what people are saying about your business and your competitors.

It was great to be included with a fab bunch of people! Thanks to +Ruxandra Mindruta for putting this article together.

#SocialMedia   #Business   #SocialMediaTools   #TFL  
-*+It’s no surprise that here at Brandwatch, we absolutely love social data! And we do share this passion with our clients across a large variety of industries and regions. Monitoring the social web for brand mentions and interactions has become a … Continued
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Ian Anderson Gray

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Google+ has quietly turned off its shared circles feature

I didn't realise Google had done this. Although I didn't use the feature that often, it was useful. I wonder how this will affect the likes of +CircleCount and +Circloscope ? 
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Hi +Ian Anderson Gray if anything, we believe it makes our tool more useful. It is a shame to see them go; however, they were terribly abused.
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