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Ian Aberle
Educational Technologist, Photographer, Geek, Father, Ginger
Educational Technologist, Photographer, Geek, Father, Ginger

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Vacancy at the Anchor Motel.
Walsenburg, Colorado

My wife referred to the Anchor Motel as a "Supernatural motel" – As in, you would expect to see Sam and Dean from the TV show "Supernatural" staying here. This motor lodge is right on Main Street / Business Loop I-25 in Walsenburg, Colorado. According to the desk clerk, this motel was built in the 1938 and has the character of one of those great motor lodges of yesteryear.

#hdr #nightphotography #motel #Colorado

"If 'open Pandora's Box' is the reason for not listening [to customers], your organization has much bigger issues." ~ +Steve Lee at the CAPE Social Media Boot Camp.

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Freelancers are familiar with overdue payments and many accept it as part of the norm. With 71% of freelancers have had issues getting paid, it is easy to see why.

The Freelancers Union is urging freelancers everywhere to input payments that they’re owed, adding to a total outstanding sum on the World's Longest Invoice, and demonstrating why this is a cause for concern.

#Freelancing   #freelancers  

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St. Martins Catholic Church.
Round Top, Texas.

Sitting just outside of Round Top is the world's smallest active worship Catholic Church. The original St. Martins Church was demolished in 1915 to build a Parochial school in Fayetteville. Using the lumber left over, this small church was erected soon after.

#Texas   #iphoneography   #church   #chapel  

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After seeing +james besser photos on Instagram and checking other photos on Instagram from the area, I wanted to go see Round Top, Texas for myself. I had never been, the wife had never bee, and being somewhat in the area that weekend, the road was calling our names. We were on our way and two hours later we were at...

The Haw Creek Church
Round Top, Texas

This church was built in 1872 in Haw Creek. It was later moved to Round Top to serve as a Lutheran Church, a schoolhouse, and a community center. 

Never found the bridge he photographed, but has some great pie and other adventures.

#Texas    #Roadtrippin   #iphoneography  

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Restland's Veterans Cross
Dallas, Texas

The Veterans Cross at +Restland Funeral Home and Cemetery  in Dallas, Texas. Here is the prayer that makes up the cross:

"Almighty god father of all mankind, hear this our prayer that all who receive thy supreme gift of life on this beautiful spinning Earth shall see the futility and tragedy of war, help us to be alert always to recognize the evidences of selfishness and greed in men and in nations which inevitably lead to conflict, fill our hearts with love of thee and of our fellow men and grant us the wisdom and courage to guide our world into a lasting peace, with freedom, dignity, and justice for all. Amen."

#Dallas #VeteransGarden #cross #graveyard #honor #prayer #VeteransDay

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An epic documentary about the dramatic rise and fall of Empire Pictures.
Just a few hours left to back "Celluloid Wizards in the Video Wasteland: The Saga of Empire Pictures" by +Daniel Griffith  on Kickstarter. If you watched #bmovies in the #80s , then chances are you watched an Empire Pictures Film.

#VHS   #EmpirePictures   #Movies  

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Gunnar Hansen signs the 2012 TFW poster designed by Ghoulish Gary Pullin
Dallas, Texas

I just heard about the passing of Gunnar Hansen, the legendary star of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” The Icelandic-born actor died Sunday at the age of 68 after loosing a battle with pancreatic cancer.

I had met the man who reached iconic status with his portrayal of chainsaw-wielding killer Leatherface at a convention in Dallas in 2012. Mr. Hansen was a pleasure and after days of signing autographs was still incredibly kind and even willing to pose for a retake of him signing the official +Texas Frightmare Weekend  poster by +Gary Pullin after I had been to awestruck to capture the moment the first time.

My father-in-law was taken from us too early due pancreatic cancer and I know what a blow can be to a family. I wish only the best to his family and loved ones.


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Video crew robbed near 'We Love Houston' sign. Everyone is okay & suspect's image was captured with a +GoPro.

#Houston   #indiefilm  

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A setting sun over the SMU campus.
Dallas, Texas.

The Collins Executive Education Center is silhouetted by the sunset on a warm September night.

#iphoneography   #SMU   #sunset   #silhouette  
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