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Coming up soon.
Just not necessary.
A bluetooth hands free kit shouldn't cost more than one new fixed penalty.

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Still think the busses should not be overlooked.
And given a significant impact on fuel efficiency is driving attitude, perhaps convincing bus drivers that they're driving the busses on the road, and not a race track.
Perhaps performance related pay for completing routes using less fuel?
No hardware re engineering required.

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As I understand it, quite a large chunk of the total lifetime environmental impact of a car has already occurred during production. And the disposal isn't exactly without environmental impact either.
So scrappage schemes don't really make much environmental sense.
I seem to recall it was admitted that the last UK scrappage scheme was more aimed at economic problems than environmental problems.
No doubt that there are things to be done; manufacturers can still be leaned upon to improve efficiency and emissions (simple physics; make the vehicle lighter). A quick look at the top polluted areas of Norwich revealed a number of bus lanes; I'm sure there's scope for cleaning them up.
Perhaps manufacturers of bus engines should be encouraged to retrofit, as part of routine maintenance, as many improvements in design as possible? I mean, they'll be replacing worn parts anyway, and recycling the materials in a component unbolted is going require less sorting so should be relatively efficient.
Just a thought.

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Do we think the bird was trying to hide behind the tree?
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Very amusing.
The graphic for the "Börder Wåll", third of the way down.
Nearly half a million wall panels.
Over three and three quarter million hex bolts.
And one allen key.

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And there was me thinking it was all settled.
Perhaps if more time was spent eating the cakes rather than debating their biscuittiness...
But there will always be surprises, I suppose.
Like whether hydrogen is a metal.

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