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Sometimes there is no right way, no pleasure to mask the pain. Sometimes no matter how you try to do good, you fail. Sometimes there is no helping. Only the quiet desperation we cling to...because we have forgotten how to give up...Because everything hurts so much, that pain has become your reality and the only friend we know.

Some things we cannot get past, some words can never be unsaid, some feelings can never be unfelt. Sometimes the entire world is in your shoulders and sometimes it l feels like it was pulled away from under you and you are falling.

Sometimes you can give everything you have to give...and still it's not enough, sometimes you can be in a crowded room and all alone...but you are not alone!
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It's 4:20 in da A.M.
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Football watched, whiskey drunk, vodka almost on...hopefully the alcohol kicks in, in the next few hours or I could be awake for my driving lesson tomorrow damn all these early nights lol
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If I could take the pleasure and stop the pain,
Would you throw it in my face again,
Would you stand there and accept this shit,
If it was me, not you, who dealt this shit,
So when you tell me that your life's disdain,
I'm supposed to sit here and protect the pain,
I'm supposed to follow orders and fly,
When every day you say want to die,
I'm supposed to feel love, like this?
But when you're drunk, you treat me like piss.
And I'm the bastard as you like to say,
Matters not that you treat me this way,
Cos I don't get the same abuse,
Mentally it's like a fucking noose,
Now it's tightening around my neck,
And I'ma feel it with every step
And I'ma tell you something real
If you really love me...look, stop, think...feel.
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Ga ga rar rar blah blah...I fucking hate people.
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This looks badass, I'm really excited for this and I didn't realise it was so soooon XD
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OK so I have read a lot of articles about the new Google logo and how Google was going to change the look of billions of devices in one fell swoop...our homescreens would be bombarded with colour that may clash with the unique touches that make our phones our own.

I remember having a similar gripe when my search bar was no longer transparent. With the upgrade to KitKat I believe. I redesigned to accommodate that on my phone. But my Nexus 7 (2013) stayed transparent and somehow has managed to subvert Google once more.

Now I have no problem with the new font and colour scheme it kinda works with my phones homescreen. But its not for everyone...the new font on holo with no colour looks good though, right? And if a Nexus device can sport this look, surely +Google​can find a way to give this option and appease a lot of people.

Kinda wondering if anyone else out there has devices subverting Google's will I'd be intrigued to hear or see.
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That's how you win E3
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This may just be the best thing I've ever seen.
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Sharing this for all the dog lovers out there or anyone willing to help. My friend Balto needs a new hip so he can live the best life a puppy can live.

So we're looking to raise anything we can to pay the costly bill. So if you can just take a moment to read the attached and if you can find your way to helping, anything is appreciated.

Thank you and hopefully with everybody's help we'll have Balto bouncing around and enjoying being a pup in no time
This is my little sisters dog Balto,  he is her 11 month old Rottweiler/Husky cross & is one of the most happy & playful dogs you could ever wish to meet! He has a brilliant personality & all he wants to do is play with everyone & anything he meets!

Sadly, 5 months ago he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Since then he has been having weekly hydrotherapy sessions & we have been doing everything possible to help with his condition, however his most recent x-rays show that he needs a hip replacement. Up to now his treatment has been covered by the insurance but due to the high cost of the hydrotherapy session & recent specialist fees this is due to run out very soon!

All this beautiful pup wants to do is play, he has such a great spirit & you couldn't wish for a more loving companion!
Any amount no matter how small will be greatly appreciated! :)
Please help us raise enough money for his hip replacement surgery so that he can live the life that he deserves!
Please share too....
Look at his face, them gorgeous eyes!
Thank you all :) xx

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