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Iain Hallam
Musician, photographer and Web/IT specialist in Bristol
Musician, photographer and Web/IT specialist in Bristol


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Is this is what our world has turned in to? Interesting video.

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Once you figure this out it'll blow your mind...

"The lines over the circles are color coded. Notice the single red line and 3 blue lines representing "13" grouped together while the single green and 2 black lines take their own group. [Simply] draw your first group of lines in one direction then your second group of lines going over the first, count the groups of intersections and there's your answer."



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We have forgotten so many things about how to be a society: that justice ( is blind, and is not revenge; that politicians represent the people, and the civil service must carry out their policy; that the new media should inform the populace so that we can debate issues, rather than media barons directing opinion; that "one nation" policies are going to fail unless they address inequality; etc.

Opinion: Why Google+ will never beat Facebook with the current strategy

It's simple, really. Like all of its offerings that aren't the core businesses of search and advertising, all applications that Google offers are just-good-enough to pull in a load of consumers and some businesses, while never really excelling. Docs is great for collaboration, but I could never use it for finished presentable documents; Gmail is fine, but you can't do a lot of enterprise things in it (sharing contact lists, shared inboxes, etc.). Google+ just has to grab market share from Facebook.

Because Google+ is partly succeeding in claiming some users, Facebook has responded by listening to its corporate users, who are likely to spend advertising dollars with the company, and put in place things like good admin controls for brand pages.

Here on Google+, it should be easy to syndicate in content from around the web, to add applications that can tie into the API to engage with customers/members, to respond to evolving changes in the status of Communities by changing their privacy settings, to... you get the picture.

Until Google commits to making services that are as capable as their competition, they will always be sideshows. But for Google, that's fine, because they drive audience to the search and advertising businesses. For the rest of us? Not so good.

Thoughts on Google+ Communities

What's good?
• The privacy: you can make your Community visible or invisible, and require moderator approval to join, or even just by invitation.
• Categories for postings: no longer have to just pile everything in together; like Gmail's labels (and why didn't Google call them just that?), post categories can separate your discussion so that people can find just what they are interested in.
• Hangouts: the killer feature of G+, in my opinion, is now available to a group without them having to be in your circles.

What's bad?
• Privacy is fixed: once you've chosen your privacy level, you can't change it; something that could bite groups who want to have a private "beta" phase. As we know from other forums, if you have to change the location/URL, you'll lose lots of members in the transition.
• The photo: it has to be square, but Google will chop off the sides anyway; I miss the flexibility of choosing your own aspect ratio :o)

What's missing?
• Google Drive: The Other Network has an integrated document package for groups, but the best collaborative document environment around is sitting right here at Google. I can't believe they'll pass up the opportunity to integrate the services, so I'd expect to see sharing with a G+ Community on Google Drive at some point.
• Category privacy: I can't restrict a category of posts to a particular subset of members; though, to be honest, a sub-Community would seem to be better here if Google can implement it.
• "Seen by" stats: That Other Network introduced a nifty feature whereby moderators could see how many people had seen a particular post in a group; that's helpful to know how much coverage you're getting for announcements, and so on.

What else?
I've probably missed things here; if you have any points to contribute, post them below and I'll add them with attribution!
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