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I Wayan Budi Raharja
Application > Internet > Google Chrome > =="
Application > Internet > Google Chrome > =="
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Just added +Satyajit Sahoo's PPA and now ready to install Elegance Colors theme. Great work! :)

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Muke gilee..
this is a video of bad apple on the vim

bad apple video on vim


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How about Andoid? Does anyone take survey?
A naked truth abt your iphone..or iPad..!

Your iPhone was built, In part, By 13 Year- Olds Working 16 Hours a Day for 70 Cents An Hour...!
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Sebenernya keren juga nih Google+, sayangnya lebih berat kalo dibandingin Facebook. #ngomongSendiri  

Wah, lumayan juga nih tampilannya sekarang :D

apaan ni Google+ ?
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