Congratulations to IPexpert’s Latest CCIE Success Stories!!!

Join us in congratulating the following CCIEs on their great achievement;
Issam Norrdine CCIE #35292 (Sec)
Jason Langenfeld CCIE #35276 (Voice)
Hussain Arsalan Ali CCIE #35183 (Sec)
Manuel Parra CCIE #35323 (Voice)

Issam Norrdine CCIE #35292:
“I was really impressed with the IPexpert CCIE Security Blended Learning Solution. It took me the extra mile to achieve this huge task. Now I feel proud to be an expert.”

Jason Langenfeld CCIE #35276:
“I attended the 10-day CCIE Voice Bootcamp with Vik Malhi and used the IPexpert CCIE Voice Blended Learning Solution to successfully complete my CCIE Voice Lab exam. Vik is a wealth of knowledge in VoIP and CCIE lab preparation, as well as a great teacher. The Voice Bootcamp was an invaluable experience that provided very targeted study of the most difficult and misunderstood topics on the lab. I’m certain I would not have passed the lab, had I not attended the IPexpert bootcamps. The Blended Learning Solution had everything I needed to learn the technologies and knowledge required to pass the exam. If you are attempting the CCIE Voice, do yourself a favor and go see Vik!”

Hussain Arsalan Ali CCIE #35183:
“I was passionate about computer networking form a very young age due to which I started working on Cisco Certifications . After having done certifications like MCP and CCNA it was time to look into a professional job where I can utilize my skills and leave them getting rusted and then I was fortunate enough to get a position in a channel partner for which I still work as a Team Lead Security ......
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