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OK all its time!.. For Goolge Chrome ALL of your Photos need to be ANIMAL based with your face...Fill out the areas of your private Stream too....Profile, About, Photos....and YOUR IPTouch 'pet business' name...Your gmaill should have this NAME...not your private name. Also to have access to the FULL' JUST FOR ANIMALS' circle you need to discuss animal welfare topics with your business name only....YEP you have begun advertising and this in fact is the first web page for some of u...congrats!!!!

We have begun the AMCP Assistant Instructor program...welcome Kristen, Danielle, Veronica....This core group will be having an educational workshop here at IPTouch TBA!...and this is our 'IPT AMCP board'....spread the ipt word!!!
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I know some people aren't sure how to switch their name from legal name to business name. You don't have to add another account. Just click on your name in the upper rt. corner and click account settings and then click edit profile. Click your name at the top and change it. You will have to enter something in both the first and last field so separate accordingly.