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Creating new knowledge and new technologies at the interface of nanoscience and medicine
Creating new knowledge and new technologies at the interface of nanoscience and medicine

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A working qPCR chip and a quirky Belgian fest
The last few weeks have been filled
with some truly wonderful memories and it’s going to be hard to narrow it down
to just a few, but I’ll try my best! Work at imec has been going steady;
unfortunately, the testing I was doing with tag primers didn’t end up...

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It’s July Already?
Hello again! Us interns are wrapping up our time here at IMEC, which is a crazy thing to think. At the beginning of the summer, late July felt so far away, and yet, it’s arrived. These past few weeks have been busy as we had to give our project presentation...

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Summer Reflections
Hello all! After
ten weeks in Europe, I am back in the United States! The end of my
internship involved working more with the 3D printer to create the last two
prototype lenses. I spent much time working with a lab member, Rachid, to
troubleshoot problems w...

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Lab Work, Presentations, Paris, and London
My research in the last few weeks have primarily been experimental testing of acoustical systems in the Clinical Lab and 3D printing additional lenses to test. I worked with a function generator to create sinusoidal waveforms in bursts that lead to an ultra...

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Weekend Trips to Bruges and Amsterdam
The recent personal highlights of my summer are trips to Bruges and Amsterdam. Two weekends ago, Chris, Lakyn, Stephanie, and I visited Bruges. Chris and I decided to stay overnight in a hostel. Since the weather that weekend was warm and sunny, the train t...

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The 'joys' of human subject testing
Ah, the joys of human subject testing. Let’s begin with the positive aspects: the process of collecting EEG data from volunteers at IMEC has left me with a new appreciated for biologists everywhere. Sure, circuits and code can break in horrifyingly puzzling...

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Canals and the Clean Room
Canals and the Clean Room This past weekend, a few of us visited Amsterdam! We were greeted with beautiful weather that framed the famous canals and architecture. One of the highlights was visiting the Anne Frank House, which gave us an amazing and haunting...

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Two Belgian Wins and a Belfry
Since my last blog post, us IMEC interns have definitely kept busy: working, exploring Leuven, taking day trips, and the occasional grocery store visit have made us more accustomed to living here. Being in Belgium for the summer has been especially exciting...

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Optimizing qPCR and optimizing fun
It’s hard to believe that we’re halfway through our stay in Belgium. Work at imec has picked up and all of us are making headway on our projects. My project is focused on optimizing cycling conditions for ultra-fast qPCR on-chip. Quantitative PCR, or real-t...

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Brussels, Bikes, and Brainwaves
Brussels, it turns out, has a Grand Place. Seriously, that’s the name of its central square, as I found out when I visited with the other interns last weekend. The skeptical side of my mind senses an ages-old translation error here, but for whatever reason ...
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