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Learn Pixelogics ZBrush with this Beginners Comprehensive Online Course.

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Are you Ready to learn how to produce amazing 3D versions from 2D artwork!


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Learn how to create stunning Logos with Illustrator, this course is set up for Beginners to Advanced users

In this course we will be covering all the tools and techniques to build a logo from scratch, from a simple sketch, colouring it up using photoshop and Illustrator.

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Learn Photoshop: This course uses a new learning technique instead of the usual project based approach we flip the learning process…

This course uses a new learning technique instead of the usual project based approach we flip the learning process instead going through all the tools in an intense fashion, each lecture tackles a new tool, At the end we tackle a mini project that will use all we have learnt.

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After Effects is the professional compositing tool of choice learn it today with the Beginners guide to after effects

Beginners guide to after effects course: Get started with Adobe After Effects, this course aims to give you a solid foundation for future development in Adobe After Effects.

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Want to take your Logo design to the next level??
Then this course is for you!


During this course I will show you how to create 3D Objects in this case text from a curve generated from Illustrator, We will also look at generating 3D text within Maya itself.
Finally I will show you how to add materials, set up a basic three point light system and render out using Mental ray, this course on Creating Logos – A Maya Online Course Custom Logo and Text is a must!

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Beginners guide to Photoshop is for eveyone who wants to know how to use Photoshop in this Pet Portrait retouching course, have fun and learn

Beginners guide to phtoshop – Pet portraits in Photoshop
In this beginners guide to photoshop, we will be compositing two images together and framing our shot. During this course I will be showing you lots of techniques from merging two images of two dogs into one shot, this is tricky as dogs have fur meaning we will have to mask out in great detail to get acceptable results.

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ZBrush Online Training - Creating Book Jacket Art
Want to Learn ZBrush?...
Then take this course its feature rich with content!
During this course I will show you how to create amazing cover art, during this ZBrush course we will cover the whole process of modelling/sculpting and texturing to final render, if you want to know the complete pipeline within Zbrush then this will be the course for you, see below on some of the main things we will cover.

Short Summary of the main points covered during this course:

Reference and creation of templates
Modelling and setting up Zbrush
Handy tips and tricks like setting up custom views and setting doc size
Lighting and render settings including setting up new passes
Compositing techniques in Photoshop

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Take this course on Beginners to Autodesk Maya
This course: Autodesk Maya the Basics for Beginners is designed to make learning the art of 3D modelling easy, during this course you will learn all the major skills you need to make it possible for you to take more involved courses.

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Introduction to the 15 Minute video series whats it all about?
Firstly thanks for stopping by, I want to tell you about the new series I have on YouTube this series focuses on short to the point topics on a variety of different software packages.
These course start at a very basic level but will quickly accelerate into more complex topics, these are menat as a quick reference for any problem you have!

I have found a need on the internet with videos being too long and not getting to the point these videos address that problem.

Feel free to contact me with suggestions or subject you would like to see!!

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