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Presidents, revolutionaries, and traitors in Assassin’s Creed III.
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It looks to be an interesting game. I hope that it is.
... molti presidenti degli U.S.A. sono stati uccisi ... di solito i migliori!
I'm taking AP US History next year, this game will keep me interested. :D
Reserved my copy months ago....can't wait!
So is it set in Obama's America then?
Ilove Assassin's Creed :-)
Ilove Wii U !!! :-)
This game looks great. Can't wait for it to come out. So far I loved all the Assassin's Creed games. This one looks more intresting than the ones in the past. But thats what Ubisoft does, they always tend to out due themselfs every time. Awesome Ubisoft, awesome....
THis game going to be awsome! Can't wait
+Timus Williams Jr Give Dishonored a try this October before ruling it out, my money's on that game blowing Assassin's Creed outta the water.
I've had this game reserved since it was able to be reserved. Can't wait.
I'm sorry but this game saddens me to no end. WHY???!!
Why do the bottom ones all look like they just reused the same model, but changed the hair and clothes?
they all look like they just came back from dumping a huge load.
Hope There are REAL History Like In the Previous game : Assassin's creed revelation
how do you play as John Wilkes Booth?
I think I know how to win the game...
Wow, that's some crappy art.  
Looking forward to this game. I really like the idea and i think this has potential
ACI - freaking amazing
ACII - pretty sweet
ACIII - yawn.
^ I think you got that backwards...
+Walker Smith ACI had a story that goes back to very creation of our race, it had mystery and claimed to be talking about events that shaped our entire race.
ACII was about killing stuff in more ways than ACI and story taking a turn to nowhere.
ACIII will be about killing shit with tomahawks. I don't expect any decent continuation of what they started in ACI.
Story died off somewhere around ACII to tailor to 13 year olds who didn't understand anything about it. They just like to jump and kill.
And the ones who disrespect the game will be the first to buy the game. Ha.
Pretty sure John Adams wasn't the first U.S president.
Wow does anyone know their history anymore? I'm not talking IGN, I'm talking the ignoramus comments such as John Adams being the 1st U.S. President...
Me and Abe Lincoln were supposed to have tea at the opera house. But when I got there, I heard something bad had happened. All that remained in his seat was this hat. ;(
I just started it... need to continue further to know more about AC III
This game actually makes American History interesting!
Looking forward to some other terrain besides cities
I only pre ordered two games this year, and AC3 and RE6. My fall is officially over before it begins
Wow, I wasn't that excited when I heard a new one was coming out, then I saw the trailer!  This game is going to be sick!
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