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Will you see The Hobbit even if the reviews are bad?
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I try not to listen to reviews. Of course I'm seeing The Hobbit, I can't wait!
Yep. I don't care if they say it is a flaming pile of shit. I will see it. Critics get things wrong 90% of the time.
yes. Critics are asses and don't like anything anymore.
I'll go in front of the theater and yell at 48fps (f**ks per second)...
If critics have proven anything, it's that they don't know what the average person likes- so yes I will be there opening night.
Yeah, but if the reviews are bad I'll wait for it to come on demand. Not sure why they're shooting at 48fps though.
Naw, I'll wait for Mega-Expanded-Hyper Blu-Ray edition with all LOTRs, 20 disks of special features and included statue :)
I will totally watch the movie, the book was awesome and Peter Jackson made an incredible job with TLOTR! IT SHALL NOT FAIL! :P
yes, I'm easily entertained, and I have invested time in watching the other movies I must complete the experience good or bad, and like others I don't think much of the critics.
Sucker Punch was a movie I vowed to see even if it got bad reviews so I did. Ask me how that turned out. ASK ME!
Yes, I'll definitely see it, one way or another. I don't hold much credibility in reviews. I like to judge for myself.
Yes. I don't plan on reading or listening to any reviews before seeing the film anyway.
The critics don't know what people like, only what they like.
Loved the book and I am almost obligated to see it.
The movie won't be bad, be here's hoping it LOOKS good. That's the only uncertainty.
+Anthony Dash It was shot at 48 fps because at 24 there is motion blur when there are fast-moving action scenes or quick camera pans. At 48 fps, they are able to avoid that and make it more of an enjoyable 3D experience. I'm not a Hobbit fan, so I'm not going to see it, but I already read about how the already released 10 minutes look and they're saying it looks like it filmed for television because of the new fps filming.
Of course. I can't wait. But why should it be bad? I am confident that peter Jackson will deliver. Then again, I have seen phantom menace 3 times in the cinema...
+Vash Crowley That makes sense. That's what happens though. It'd be a shame for the film itself to be good but people hate it based on specs.
Hell yeah. Loved the LOTR movie trilogy by Jackson, so definitely seeing this one. I've heard some negative things so far, but I'll judge it for myself when the time comes.
+Anthony Dash Well, if you picture how the average television show looks picture-wise and compare it to the average big-budget movie... you can tell the difference between the cameras/film used. With a movie as big as The Hobbit, you would think that its picture should be amazing, but apparently, because of the new film speed, it makes it look like your average television show except it's on a big screen. I would hate to be waiting for a movie like The Avengers and find out that it looks like it should be on NBC rather than the big screen... great story or not.
to big of a piece of classic literature to miss out on do to some hating ass holes
i don't know what I'm doing then
+Vash Crowley It's something they do often but more with blu ray, like when they released a 60fps Pirates of the Caribbean and it looked like it was shot on a camcorder. Fortunately The Avengers didn't need to do anything drastic to the frame rate for the film to look good in 3D. I don't understand why Peter Jackson needs to.
Those who can, do.
Those who can't, teach.
Those who can,t teach, critcize.
Will own the DVD Widescreen regardless.
Yes, I will see it. I don't let critics tell me what to like and dislike.
Know yourself. And don't be embarrassed. Who taught you that? Are we worried about ejaculation in vain? It's never in vain, it lowers prostate cancer risk.
+Vash Crowley LOL, that's cool but it's not for everyone. I'd like to see more 3D content if done right.
+Anthony Dash Trust me, I feel the same way. He's already made a name for himself and this movie was already highly anticipated. I highly doubt anyone would've noticed if it was filmed at 24 fps or 48 fps. But since it was highly anticipated, I guess he wanted to do something new with it.
A bad review doesn't mean a bad movie...
I must be doing it totally wrong.....
Does that mean I've been doing it wrong?
I don't have action figures of myself, looks like someone else will have to play with me.
+IGN YES! I will see it. I do not care about reviews.
Reviews are just opinions, and you know what they say about those
Yup yup... Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and yours stinks LOL. That's not directed towards you +Chris Daley... just finishing your statement LOL
For sure. The Hobbit was the first "proper" book I ever read as a child and I'm happy to see it re imagined and happier still to come to my own conclusion!
Opinions are like Onions: F*** you.
Tolkien transcends the critics. The fans will be pleased and Peter Jackson knows his responsibility to the subject matter. If more film makers were as engaged as he is about their craft we wouldn't even need movie critics.
That sounds so wrong with and without the picture
Also, I'm currently reading The Lord Of The Rings complete trilogy!
__ yeah, I don't care if the reviews are bad, it's by Tolkein lol.
I'll not see it regardless of what the critics say.
Nothing carries less weight than a critic's review.
I sure will - who pays attention to the critics anyway?
those r totally untrue!!! why spread them?! they're lyk a virus!
+IGN Your post is misleading. There have been NO bad reviews of the movie!!! The bad reviews have been concerning the technical process that the movie is filmed in. So far, the reviews of the actual movie (or the small part of it that has been made public) have been positive.
All things Tolkein are for me, and I never gave a crap what critics say. The Hobbit will not fail.
+Marybeth Skaggs With all respect but if they have a hobbit out of crap this is not Tolkien so it is not for you.
Let's hope they will give the same respect they did for the LOTR trilogy.
If the only bad reviews so far are from the frame rate increase, then this movie is going to do very well.Personally, I say kudos to them for taking some initiative and pushing the envelope. I, for one, cannot wait to see this!
Definitely! can't wait! . . . People have different opinions. The critics have theirs and I have mine :)
The reviews won't be bad.
Of course... IT"S THE HOBBIT!!
Yes I will see it no matter what the reviews say.
my action figure is bigger than that
are they taking the hobbits to isengard? dangit that song is stuck in my head
Yes... but I'd pay serious money to see The Silmarillion
I will see it when it comes to the library. don't have the change to spare right now. If I don't get the movie I know my husband will.
May the inner child of Jeff Bridges never die.
Absolutely.. not a big fan of using reviews. I'd rather go see it and judge for my self
nope cuz it doesnt sound like a good movie! :/
What would have made it perfect would be if he were pitting Gandalf against Magneto.
I have dreams where he comes to my house and sends me on an adventure.
Ken Lin
I never agree with reviewers anyway
I'm not worried about it being bad. He did such a bang up job on Lord of the Rings, and in comparison to just about every new movie that comes out anymore, The Hobbit will probably exceed my expectations.
Yes, I will still go see it. I don't pay attention to the professional reviewers. Usually, if they hate it, I love it, and vice versa. The Hobbit is a great book. Peter Jackson did a great job with the trilogy, so why not with the Hobbit too? It's got to be better than what Del Toro would have done. At least this way, it will keep the look and feel of the trilogy, so they should seamlessly blend together. I don't see how The Hobbit could possibly be bad.........
Give ME the epic staff! PLEASE!!!
Anyone who isn't going to see the Hobbit is not a true LotR fan.
I'm so excited! I <3 Bilbo! :D
yup ur not right what ever the hell u said
definatly that is my nick name
"Whoa, whoa. Sorry man... didn't know you were in here. uh... you know.. "
hahaha he is really enjoying! his face tells us lol
I remember seing a movie that had good critics, I wanted to leave the cinema...
So yes of course I'll see it, I forced my wife to see the LOTR trilogy recently so that she can understand the story when we will go.
Yes, I will be one of those watching no matter what,lol. Love the Book, will love the Movie, hated the cartoon though it was just wrong.
LOVE IT! I would like to complete the saga that Tolkien had originally written, so yes, I will go see both movies. =P
Most definitely I'll go see it. Wouldn't miss it for the world! 
Meh. I'll probably just wait for the book. 
I'll have to read the review. It probably complains that it's too much like the book.
I don't even intend to read any reviews. And I won't be seeing it.
Hell yea its one of my fav books ever and TLOTR movies were sick!
hee hee. i cant even get through the book. i like the hunger games, though
Already putting trailers out on FB and YouTube .... It will be great !
Jeri Birgen I love the hunger games too! Best book ever!
Of course I'll see The Hobbit!

"You shall not bash!"
re re
I would see it 100 times regardless of the reviews!
i think if he's playing magneto on the right hand would be more awesome. ;p
who cares about reveiws. LOTR ROCKS! :)
nah, i'm one of the few that had no interest in the book while reading it, so if the reviews aren't good for it, there is no point
Of course I would...anyways they pay for good reviews so...
oh, I'll go. may get the DVD if it's any good.
Critics are completely out of touch with what the average person wants from a movie. Critics are over analytical and constantly looking for something new. The things they rave over, are usually off the wall crap. Yes, I will be watching it, regardless of what any pompous critic says.
When the critics say its bad just remember all the movies they promosed where good
oh wow thats really stupid and funny at the same time
I am definitely going to see the Hobbit because I fell in love with the book and I hate reading so that tells you how amazing the book is. :)
If Peter Jackson is directing, It's got to be great :-)
I'll be the first one in the movie theater to see it.
With the Internet, who needs professional critics (except that they get to review things before anyone else gets to see them)? I go more on word-of-mouth (or would it be "word-of-keyboard"?) than on critical reviews. I'm not necessarily part of the group of people that think that critics with out of touch with the general movie-going public, I just think they've outlived their usefulness.
I'm all over it! Huge LOTR fan, and read The Hobbit, and Fellowship in high school before most people even heard of it back in '91.
Maybe. But I know my dad will!
Gandolf, why the f#%* didn't you give the One Ring to one of your giant eagles and let him or her drop it in the fire of Mount Doom?!
That is not a good title for children.
"Will you see The Hobbit even if the reviews are bad?"

Probably. A lot of reviewers are useless.
My father used to say "Don't ever ask me a question that you already know the answer too "! Are you serious? You bet you're hobbit ass I'm going to see it!
The Hobbit is a must see.
good or bad
i wonder if he has a magneto toy also
Yes I would... I could care less what reviewers think, and I'm sure they'll say the same about me.
A review is just one persons opinion on a film or product, so why should your opinion affect what I do?
Who says the "Hobbit" movie is bad? A little negative spinning here? Talking down the bench perhaps? Trying to deride the actor in the photo maybe? Very "de-motivational"....

I certainly will see this Peter Jackson film, as all his films are top class.
First big book I ever read, I'll be there.
of course, i never listen to the movie critics!!
Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss it for anything!
+1 if this looks like Ron Paul?
Of course. What's not to like about 'The Hobbit'?
@William Kerr. Me too. With a flashlight under the covers so my mom wouldn't know I was still up at 4 AM.
I loe the lord of thr rings movies THe hobbit will be even better1
Of course not. I always do as the critics tell me, foo.
i read the hobbit back in the day! I hope the movie is even more exciting
I will see it due to having read the hobbit as a kid and seeing the cartoon movie to see how it measures up and where the critics aren't always correct
A prequel to the greatest trilogy of all time...YUP
Absolutely,bad reviews will only make me want to see it even more. That usually just means its really good!
Will go and stand and sing with the dwarves in Bilbos study. See you all there!
are the reviews that bad because i think it should be amaizing to watch even with the family
I would see it if bill murray played bilbo, tom hanks played all the dwarves and steve martin was gandalf. Which now that i think of it would be awesome!
Watching the Hobbit is going to how could it get bad reviews...
Good reviews or not, I've been waiting all my life to see this damn movie. You'd better believe I'm going to see it!
Are you kidding? I loved the book when I was a teen and that was quite a while ago. If the movie is as good as the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy was who can resist seeing it? I've always wanted to live in Middle Earth.
Awesome ! and Gandalf can do no wrong either way :)
no doubt!!!! i have been waiting for this since i was born!
Definitely, I may even see it at 48 frames per second (although I'm not too sure about that after hearing some of the blow back online from the 10 minutes of unfinished footage that was screened).
It's not the critic who counts...
You can bet I'll see it!
yes, it is marked on the calender and we a group of us are making an event of it. Some of the best movies our there are ones the critics didn't like.
I don't think that's what it means....
Um, is a frog's ass watertight?
Yeah, but there shouldn't be any bad reviews, are there?
Will I respond to negative press months before a movie release?
oh yes, CANNOT wait. I could care less about the critics. Their opinions haven't matched mine yet and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
yeah what a loser for having a hobby deven brown.
you must be a joke
Read the book atleast a dozen times so will definitely watch the movie. Tolken fan.
absolutely. And if it becomes popular to hate the movie like it is for Ep 1, 2, & 3, I'll love it just as much.
Well.....the reviews for Kindom of Heaven weren't good, and it's one of my favorite movies.So, FUCK YES!
Reviews are usually from people who have no connection to reality. I'll be watching it no matter what.
Hell yes. All this worrying about the movie being good or not is based on the fact that the 3d quality is amazing and requires a better standard of production. If you really have that much of an issue with it, then I can lend you my old CRT I have and you can watch it on that.
Jolme L
I second the motion
lmfao from that angle he looks like ron pauls older geeky brother
Absolutely! Most reviewers seem to forget why we go to the movies. To escape reality and live in our dreams, if only for a little while. If we can't have FUN at a movie, why go?
Agree with Sean
I do not care about the reviews. I have been waiting on this film for nearly 8 years. I have to see it!
go fuck ursekf IGN your the reason people i know dont buy games bacause you base it on a fucking number you dare do it to the hobit test me!!
I don't trust reviews. Critics often praise movies I abhor and insult movies I love.
LMAO!. As for the question hell yes i would still go and watch it.
Sometimes I play with him too.
A Wax
daaaam if ya gona do dat get a ps3 bro ill teach ya some crazy shit
Reviews can't always be relied unless eyes are the witnesses. So I am surely gonna go nd watch the movie.
I would definitely watch the movie! I'm actually looking forward to seeing it.
The critics didn't like the tourist, or am I insane?
I won't, cos, I didn't like the original story anyway.
Please someone photoshop that image so it's Ian McKellan playing Gandalf vs Magneto.
Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love , grace and gratitude.
I will watch it because the reviews won't be bad :) #faithinjackson
I am more likely to see it if the reviews are bad. The movies that get great reviews suck. Eg hunger games. The movie that get crap reviews rock eg matrix.
Yeah you have to make up your, own mind. Plus, Peter Jackson is a brilliant director
One more thing: all these reviews analyze the movie from a "technological" POV. But what about THE movie. Is it Tolkien? Does it recall the book's atmosphere? Is it "The Hobbit" that every Tolkien fan wanted to see? Is this the meaning of being a Tolkien fan in 2012? Judging a movie like "The Hobbit" only for its tech?
you should've killed me when you had the chance !
Just love Sir Ian, his wit is sharp.
cant wait to watch hobbit 2+3 brilliant films and it.
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