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The latest rumors suggest the next Xbox will pack a 16-core IBM Power PC CPU.
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Enough with the rumors already +IGN. You're making me sick of a system that isn't even planned to be announced anytime soon.
are they just going to have a block of ice cooling it or what?
though considering the 360, cooling the processor seems to be an afterthought
Next Xbox will be more powerfull than PS4.
highly improbable. there is nooooo need for this, and will probably overheat or burn out of both. that and it will probably be over priced.
@ Jacob Porter - Agreed
Sooooooo..... it can now burn up and Red-Ring 16 times faster now?!? Schweeet! #FeedTheTroll
fill d.
I agree lies..... lol and who cares Xbox suuuuuuuucks!
I wouldn't have a problem with the fanboys if they would at least try the system they bash. It's always very obvious on both sides who's played both or not.
fill d.
Sorry Jason got red ring of death 7 fn times lost out on 1000's of hours of gaming build a machine that last longer than a week! Have my OG 60 gig ps3 play it everyday sense it released no problems soooo
A 16 core cpu??? Really? I have never even heard of a 16 core cpu unless your saying its gona have 2 8-core cpus and it that's the case is this system going to cost over 1500 bucks? At best it will have a quad core cpu and maybe 480gtx gpu.
just stop with the rumors, wait until an announcement....
I'm a Nintendo fanboy, but I kinda like this concept photo's presentation of a touchscreen controller better than the Wii U's... much more practical and not as gimmicky.
16...core! I'm sure I've seen that controller somewhere...oh, wait. IGN have predicted that Microsoft is copying Nintendo. After copying Sony. But hey, as long as the games are good and look good, they're in a different league to Nintendo, which make good games...that lack in graphics as good as Sony's or Microsoft's.
I still have my original xbox 360 running fine. Never had a problem. My ps3 the disc tray came misaligned (brand new) and snapped the disc damaging the lens. Took 3 months to get sony to admit it was their fault and replace it. Shitty laws made it impossible to return to the store.

Every system does and will always have problems. Some people will get hit by one system, the rest will have the other.
but will it get a red ring of death or catch fire. Now they were fantastic tricks from the overly rushed X-box.
I just talked to a magic rabbit that said he just came from the future and the next xbox will have a 1 BILLION core cpu and aslo warned me that the same day it lauched it took over the world like Skynet but put off so much heat it melted the polar ice caps and the day after it was flooded and shorted out saving man you all better buy a boat and quick!!!
cute cat
2 out of 2 of my 360 died in RRoD incidents. And the reason for these is technical: A change in US environmental law forced Microsoft to change solder media at the last minute. The new stuff is not as good as the old.
fill d.
Jason I hear you with laws but 7 fn times! I have a 52,000 Xbox score and haven't turned it on in over a year! Don't get me wrong it was fun for awhile but just got tired of them crapping out! I have level 18 ps3 and have logged countless hours on it just makes more sense! Free to play online, built in wireless, blue ray player, and controller charges of the machine! Ps3 is way better!
Ps3 is better! No, Xbox is better! Wii sucks, blablabla

The pointless arguments of people trying to pass of their preferences as solid fact never ends. -_-
+Phillip Dudley I agree that the Sony box is probably better. But what it boils down to me is: Do they have the games I play? Being a Halo player, the answer is "no". What exclusive really excellent FPS games are on the PS3? What do you play?
My only beef with the PS3 is every 5 days you get a message from them saying sorry we have been hacked again and all your info has been stolen but to make up for it we are going to give you one game of your choice of two games we couldn't sell to people cause they sucked that bad
Going by the "rumors". Blue ray won't be exclusive in next gen consoles (I have my doubts), but I have 3 of them so meh. I have wireless for my current xbox (the newer ones have built in), I charge my controllers off of my xbox, and prefer XBL to PSN myself. I find more and better players online on xbox than PSN. The paying for it causes people to use it more in my opinion. There's also the lack of hacks to the system and the games with xbox.

I have both, I play both, along with the wii (rarely), and think they each have their ups and downs. I just still hope for the thing gamers have wanted for years. One system for all. There's even been studies to show how Sony, Nintendo, and MS could do it and still be profitable.
+Peter Zsiros that's precisely how I make my console decisions... let bluray players and special features be damned, if it doesn't have Zelda and Metroid or Gears of War and Halo, I don't want it! :-p
What are games going to need 16 cores for? Must be extremely complex AI calculations and could probably help with the gpu? Any guesses?
fill d.
Omg killzone, resistance! Each system has its own great games! I play everything I have over 30 systems and 1000+ games all the way back to Atari 2600! I have been playing games sense I could hold a controller!
+Greg Horton do you know what your talking about??? cause the games to choose from were infamous 1 (9.0 + reviews), dead nation (highly rated and won the PSN award for best PSN game), whipout HD+Fury (one of the longest living franchises in sony history) and i forget the other one. you got to choose 2 of these games and yeah.... pretty sure they all sold reallly well prior. #longliveplay
There Not Bringing Out The Xbox 720 Or Code Named "The Rango"
Back to the 'Ol drawing board having overheating problems like the 1st Gen. Ha.
All I know is if it doesn't have only USB3 and a state of the art SSD I probably wont be getting it.
And the final and last part of my rant......does IGN really need to put a damn cat in every post they make to get people to read their posts?
+Greg Horton Yes, yes they do.

That's the only way when they post "New Rumors" everyday that contradict the day/week before.
I want a cat now.
Exactly what I expect from Microsoft. Oh Nintendo is doing what? Sony did what? OK, lets stick it all in a blender, and dump whatever cash happens to be in hour pockets... ohh and if they haven't filed any patents let s make sure we buy them first and register any foreseeable variations in our name too.

Controllers that start fires? What no... that doesn't happen, the xbox works perfectly... Stolen technology... absurd.
+Jason Death Apple doesn't make video games. If they did, maybe. But if your letting Microsoft off the hook so easily, you have just revealed your stripes.
16-core?! sounds expensive. The cat is cool though
Why STILL is an IBM Power PC chip? If that chip never ran hot, Apple would still be an IBM customer and the term "Red Ring of Death" would....ya know. Microsoft is better off going with AMD or better....Intel.
As for the screen in the controller, I wouldn't put it past them to just have a slot for a Windows Phone
We'll have to see what the cores are used for. I'm sure not all of them will be dedicated to GPU functions. In media there are benefits to a RISC based architecture when you don't need something so generic as an AMD or INTEL CPU. To me the announcement is rather moot until there is more details about each cores functions. Also for the RRoD it was more likely attributed to non lead based sauder enforced by the EU in a small area and caused tin whiskers of some sort. Certainly an engineering oversight that was probably difficult to track down.
I wonder if I could render out my maya projects from it.
Still, no used games and every game will be download only... This is gonna be an easy system to pirate for after a month of its release. Hellooooo Dreamcast 2.
500?...heh maybe 500 per cpu and you're gona need 2 8core cpu's... if they tried to make that system it would be over $1500
Yeah a 16-Core IBM Power PC CPU, well that's impressive... But after that you have to find game developpers that are willing to take advantage of all that power...
News flash pirates! Not only are these Custom Linux cores (see IBM Linux) but the hardware is PPC like Macintosh used until they spontaneously jumped ship to Intel. What this means to you buccaneers is that plundering these ships will be harder than ye first thought! Run it on yer PC, you could only wish.

The cell broadband processor had 8 SPUs and one central PPC core. The xBox 360 used 3x G5 dual core processors. It is not hard to imagine that IBM now has Oct core PPC chips. However it would only prove Microsoft to be total low lifes if they were infact making use of dual Super CELL BSD chips to achieve their 16 cores. Their move might be legal, but I regard the act as nothing less than theft in broad daylight.
Lols 16 core we will see and if they do i would hate to see the price tag.
Meh, quad core i5-2500k is still better. And that's not even accounting for the hex core i7's
i5 is a dual core, the i7 8-way chip is quad. its hyper-threaded parked cores. They are virtual and only run when the computer needs them. just like the turbo boost and thats why they all have such low ghz speeds. honestly i'd rather see an AMD FX core with the discrete graphics. having the gpu inside the cpu kills the performance of intels chips
besides really a 16 core chip? it would either be too expensive or way to slow and only good for running a lot of small tasks which you don't do often. honestly id rather have a faster dual maybe quad and thats it.
+Lyle Tafoya You don't seem to understand what caused RRoD. If you did, I don't think you would be making a comment like this.
As long as the thermal management is good I'll be happy, and either way my i5 still has never been above 30% utilization on my unless I'm stress testing, so I could care less if it actually has 4 physical cores or not lol
i couldn't see the 5 year thing. maybe 2 or 3 but what i can say is microsoft is very big on supporting what is out now, rather than releasing rumors about whats to come.
Have the guys at IGN only heard this rumour today. I read something about this about 3 weeks ago :/
That's not true. 16 core IBM PPC processors cost 3000$ so there is no way they are gonna use them. And actually "Power PC" is no longer called like that. The processors are called "Power7", "Power8" and they are currently used in supercomputers and servers. Just a rumor..
+Nikola Lazarov If my memory serves, the Nintendo Game Cube used a custom Power 4 / Freescale otherwise known as a G4 to Mac users. The Sony PS3 used a Power 5 core to control the 8 custom SPUs with custom cache. The Xbox could not get a better chip from Intel at the time, and chose to compete directly with SONY and Nintendo by also using a Power 5 based processor. Most of us called them Dual Core G5's Infact you could purchase a 2x Dual Core G5 and a 2x Quad Core G5 but you could not purchase a 3x Dual Core G5, which is what the xbox 360 is.

Since the Cell BE has been around a while, shrunken, and been upgraded several times. I would very much like to see a new system based on the super Cell BE. I would also fancy seeing new systems based on the Power 7 architecture equally matched up against systems based on the Intel socket 2011 based chips. (hey we could all use 124GB of ram!) We should all keep in mind that IBM makes their own chips. However, they also develop for Intel. However, based on the obvious costs of this endeavor, it is very likely that Microsoft will quite literately steel the show by reaching into their deep pockets and picking up the tab for the most expensive item on the shelf. I can only hope they spend more time getting the hardware right and less time trying to see what they can steal from competitors at the 11th hour.
$5,852.00 is the actual cost of a 16 core Power 740 Express processor with speed of 3.55 GHz. Source: and

How in the hell do you think an avarage user is gonna buy an XBox if only the chip costs $5000 ?
+Nikola Lazarov You do realize that just becuase something retails for 6,000 doesn't mean it costs that much to make. You also realize that when a contract is signed the hardware itself might cost dramatically less than it does in the commercial hardware and that the components put into our hardware are in general regarded to be LOW QUALITY. Lastly, game console developers generally subsidies the heck out the hardware. They make their money off software licensing. The PS3 should have cost 3000 at launch but it didnt. the xbox 360 should have also been about 3000. But it wasn't. However, how much the developer has to eat does have an effect on what we get in the final product.
It WON'T be 16-core. My bet is it will be no more than a dual quad core.
+Lyle Tafoya I don't fix xBox but I am an Electrical Engineer. What happens in the xbox is not much different from what happens in many video cards, and the DV series laptops from HP. It's a cold solder joint. Yes heat caused it. Yes, explaining it is not simple. Laziness by the engineer technicians in the factory was the ultimate cause. The boards should have been properly heat treated. Given their failures, I assume, they were wave soldered, or cooked at to low a temperature. But then every one seems to have this issue.

However, just because the Xbox was a POS doesn't mean the next gen will be. We should like to assume that the factories have revised their procedure, and that errors made will not happen anew. We should also assume that the new chips will not be as hotter than Power 5 otherwise without proper cooling they could melt right of the board, and that's worse than any cold solder failure. In general thermal output remains pretty steady. It's one of those almost unbreakable able rules. Look at an intell i7, it's actualy about as hot as an P4. If you simply drew a line and assumed that the i7 was hotter because it was many times more powerful, then your i7 would easily start a house fire. However, the CPU is built thinner, with better insulation, and very much more efficient making it to draw less power and use a slightly smaller heat sync package.

Putting what you just learned in perspective the Power 5 and Power 7 packages respectively, in a consumer package are likely to be clocked so that they do not produce any difference in heat. Likely the target will be less heat. Since IBM has 5 years experience making Power 7 chips, I am absolutely certain they are being made smaller already, and cheaper. Meaning they have matured for use in consumer grade products. However the holy grail of IBM processors will be Power 8, on the 22nm core, never mind all the new features it gets and the ones that Power 7 got that we have never even seen in a PC.
+Raymond Lulling +Nikola Lazarov +Lyle Tafoya

"VG247 cites unnamed sources stating the next Xbox will have twin GPUs, and between four to six CPU cores. One core will power the operating system, another will power Kinect 2, and the rest will be reserved for software.

The website claims the two graphics cards are each equivalent to AMD’s 7000 series, but “not CrossFire or SLI.” Unlike a typical dual PC configuration in which the two cards would take it in turns to draw the same object, the console’s two graphics cards can apparently work independently to draw separate items simultaneously.

One of VG247’s “multiple sources” is said to have described the machine as “two PC’s strapped together.”
Interesting Theory, a single Power 7 Hex core with Interleaved video cards. Basicly they are borrowing a page from both RAM and RAID technologies. Some new motherboards support use of a Stripped RAID that combines both SSD and Mechanical storage devices for a massive boost in performance. Likewise running memory in identical equal amounts across shared memory controllers results in great performance again as parallel chips can be written to simultaneously. I can see how this would be a boost. However the way that the CPU is being alocated, produces a system with roughly the same CPU power as the Xbox360 and the resources are allocated much the same as SONY allocates resources in the PS3.
staying with 360 until ps4 BECAUSE OF THIS
copy the wii with the remote or touch screen tablet amazing
i have an xbox 360 and it's perfectly fine. I dont want to go out and by a new console that everbody else is getting when I am happy with what I've got.
+grant andrews See, now that is the attitude that more people need. would solve a lot of problems.
Hehe eventually they w'll do averything to make ppl like you buy his new console that includes take your faborite tittle to that new console
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